4 Lies You Have Been Told About Your Vagina

If we had a dollar for every time we hear this lies we have been told about our vagina, we would have a fortune. There’s maybe a dozen more lies we have heard about our lady parts, from both mean and women, but this four (4) lies take the lead.

It smells bad down there.
Chalk it up to years of douche advertisements and the perception that vaginas should smell like rosewater. Um, they don’t smell like you think they do. Every woman has her own unique scent, but most of us have a musky smell that men are biologically wired to be attracted to, just as that heady scent of a man’s sweat draws us to them like flies.

True, our scent may change from day to day, depending on how hot the weather is, what we eat, and when we last showered. That said, it is good to pay attention to your lady parts to know what you smell like on an average day so that you can pinpoint any changes. A fishy smell, for instance, could be a sign of an infection called bacterial vaginosis.

They all look the same.
Like any other body part, the vagina and vulva have basic shapes, but there is quite a bit of variation in coloration, symmetry, and pubic hair patterns. The biggest variation is in the labia minora, the inner lips of the vagina. Some studies in which the lips have been measured have found up to 150 percent difference from one woman to another.

This simply means that Labial size can vary by up to an inch and a half! Not exactly the same right?

It can be too tight or too loose.

Usually, feeling too tight or loose is a matter of lubrication. If you’re too wet, there’s no friction. If you’re too dry, almost any size will feel huge. If you can, keep a tube of lube within reach if you tend to be dry, or a hand towel nearby if you get soaking wet. Granted, women who’ve had several vaginal deliveries or traumatic deliveries might feel slightly looser, because some nerve endings may have been damaged.

But thank God for Kegels. They are exercises that can help strengthen the pelvic floor and muscles surrounding the vagina. To do them, squeeze to contract the vaginal muscles for two seconds, then relax. Repeat for 10 minutes whenever you can.

You can lose stuff in it.
The cervix is a tiny hole, and only a sperm can slip through there and into the uterus. Think you lost your tampon in there? No need to call the search-and-rescue squad. A lot of women seem to have this concept that the vagina is some never-ending tube that goes all the way into your  lungs. But really, the vagina is like a sock. It goes only so far in length, so you can pull out anything that gets stuck even wit your fingers .

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