7 fun ways to use lubes other than penetrative sex

Lubes! I could write a 10000 word article on its many benefits and I would just be beginning.

The amount of people who don’t use lubes during sex still blows my mind. If you ask me why, I would ask why not? Lubes can make every sexual encounter better, penetration or not. Think of lubes like a sexual enhancer. If you feel sex is 75% pleasurable without lubes, picture a 95% experience when you add lubes to your sexual encounters solo or partnered.

Now, before we talk about all the fun things you can do with lubes. I want you to understand the different kinds of lubes available and the best choice for your sexual experience.

There are three main types of lubricants: oil-based, water-based, and silicone-based. In recent times there have been an introduction of hybrid lubes (which are a combination of silicone and water-based lubes).

1. Water lubes

Water lubes are the most common of all types of lubricant. They are less likely to irritate sensitive skin, have no taste and feel like natural lubrication so it doesn’t interfere with oral sex or other types of sex play. Water lubes go best with latex condom. You can use for solo or partnered sex. They are also your best choice for use with sex toys. But, just like the name suggests cannot be used under water. Thinking of a water lube toy to try? The Mahogany wet and wild lube is highly recommended.

2. Silicone lubes

Silicone based lubes are not water like and will not wash off easily. Though the texture may feel a bit different than your natural lubrication, it lasts much longer and is extremely effective in and out of the bedroom. One downside to this lube is that it cannot be used with a silicone toy.

3. Oil based lubes

Oil based lubes are like petroleum jelly, olive oils and coconut oil. Not advisable for use with latex condom because they can break the condom but they tend to stick longer on the skin when used.

The most common of all lubes is the water based lubricant because of it’s multi diverse use. Now that we know the types of lubes there are, here are 7 fun ways to incorporate it into your sex life with your partner other than penetrative sex.

1. Use during hand jobs or fingering

If you want to take your hand jobs game from beginner level to pro in a session then you should definitely add lubes to the mix. Think of the effect when you use spittle, only better. Lubing up your partner’s penis and your hand will ensure that every movement feels heavenly and glides easily.

Lubes during handjob gives you more room to experience new depths of pleasurable experience for yourself and your partner.

2. For a tastier oral sex experience

Cunninllingus is exciting until you feel your mouth drying up then it could switch from pleasure to an uncomfortable experience. So add some water lubes (flavored or unflavored) to the vulva before you go down. I bet that everyone will be happy.

3. Breast play

This can be an intense form of play. Apply lubes on your breasts, lay behind your partner, with his back to you. Slide your body up and down his back. The sensations will be super intense for the both of you.

4. Use it as a shaving gel for your legs

Use lubes in place of your normal shaving gel. They are great for smoothing your legs when shaving. So if you ever run out of gel lube it up.

5. Use it as an alternative to massage oil

If you run out of massage oil and you want to give your partner a quick massage, then lubes are a great alternative. Lube up and slide your hands the way you want.


6. For cleavage sex

If you want your partner making love to your breasts, then lubes can make friction seamless. If your breasts are not as full as you would like, wear your favorite push up bra and have your partner slide his penis in and out of your cleavage. Viola.

7. For an intense perineum sexperience.

Here’s a tip that will drive your partner wild. Play with his perineum. Sprinkle a few drops of lube on your finger and use it to massage his perineum (the spot between his balls and anus) while you go down on him. You can always thank Mahogany later.

There you have it. 7 fun ways you can spice up your sex life with lubes other than penetrative sex. Which of these would you try out?

Live your best sex life!

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