Strong, black, African men are priceless, God’s gift to mankind, a wonderful work of art, the perfect example to show that Africa is truly blessed. Casper Nyovest fits all the definition of a melanin god, an African King, black boy magic, and so much more.casper nyovestRefiloe Maele Phoolo, professionally known as Casper Nyovest, is a South African  recording artist, and record producer. Some call him Africa’s Rap God, others refer to him as the hottest rapper in Africa. Nyovest started rapping when he was in grade 6, at the age of 12. At age 16, he decided to drop out of school: “ I told  my parents that I’d rather chase my dream which I  believe is going to work out, rather than keeping it safe and regret it my whole life.” Nyovest relocated to Johannesburg the following year to pursue a career in music as a rapper and producer.

casper nyovestCasper Nyovest is a naturally handsome African man, who doesn’t need any artificial features to make him perfect. From his bold face, to his naturally endowed handsome body, down to his thighs and strong legs, he just screams hot, steamy sex. I can go on and on about his beautiful facial hairs, and how they connect to produce wonderful, well-groomed beards. I definitely would love for my hands to travel the length and breadth of his body, just to have a feel of his melanin feed muscles. Nyovest body is a true work of art.Casper NyovestCasper Nyovest has copped over 25 awards and he is considered one of the best South African artist to ever do it. Some of his works includes: Tito Mboweni, Jump, Doc Shebeleza. He has also shared stages with international acts like Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi.


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