Condoms: Facts and Myths You didn’t Know

From material, sizes, right and wrong usage to brand names and country statistics, there is a lot of popular knowledge on condoms but which of these are facts and which ones are myths?

Some of the most common myths about condoms

  • Myth 1: All Condoms are made of rubber
  • Myth 2: Condoms dry up vagina juice
  • Myth 3: Wearing double condoms equal more protection
  • Myth 4: Condoms protects you from ALL diseases
  • Myth 5: Women don’t enjoy sex with condoms
  • Myth 6: One size fits all 
  • Myth 7: You can use any type of Lubrication
  • Myth 8: Condoms can be re-used if washed properly

Some of these wrong assumptions about condoms have reduced its popularity and use among sexual active people. Even worse, it has led to wrong usage and ineffectiveness. 

Many women report feeling safe and more relaxed with their partner for suggesting and using condoms

The truths about condoms: Size, Material, Usage, Lubrication and more

  • Most condoms are made from a type of rubber known as latex, yes, but there are currently three (3) types of materials used in making condoms. Latex, Polyurethane (a type of plastic)an example of these are female condoms. There are also “natural” condoms, which are made of animal membranes (lambskin).
  • Condoms don’t dry up the vagina during sex. Most condoms come lubricated but the added friction may cause you to craze more lubrication
  • Not all Lubricants work well with all condoms. The best lubrication for condoms are water-based lubricants. Latex, the most popular type of condom, has been reported to break easily under oil-based lubricants. 
  • One size does NOT fit all. While the standard size will fit most men, extra-large condoms are available, as well as “snug” sizes that are a little smaller and fit tighter than the standard size
  • While it is a known fact that condoms may prevent common STDs, it is not true that condoms prevent ALL sexual transmitted diseases. A few of those diseases are Syphilis, HPV, and Lice
  • Re-using Condoms are a big NO! No matter how thoroughly you wash or disinfect a used condom, it is still unsafe and not advisable for reuse
  • Wearing more than one condom DOES NOT provide more protection. In fact, it increases the chances of your condom breaking. 
  • Lastly, it is not true that women don’t enjoy sex with condoms. Many women report feeling safe and more relaxed with their partner for suggesting and using condoms

Take responsibility of your sexual health by becoming pro-condom today. 
Both male and female condoms can be purchased at most drug stores, in addition to being available at clinics, as well as other locations. 

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