Do Natural Remedies for the Vagina Really Work?

Natural remedies for the vagina have been around for a while. Before the age of antibacterial drugs, creams and douches, women have been sticking roots and herbs up their skirts to take care of their yonis.

With the invention of modern medicine, women have become more skeptical of natural remedies for vaginal infections, and other unwanted irritations. Doctors and medical practitioners have been just as skeptical and uneasy on the topic. Most of their fears, however, tend towards dosage and possible self-harm.

The big question though is, do natural remedies work? With the right mindset and the enough caution, natural remedies for vagina health may work for some women.

Two (2) of the most sought after remedies are

  1. Vaginal steaming with herbs
  2. Food remedies to get rid of yeast and bacteria

Vagina Steaming

The idea is that steaming your yoni (or vulva) with a mixture of herbs will give you easier, lighter periods, less cramps, increased fertility, and promote general good vibes. It is mostly done with herbs which include basil, peppermint, jasmine, oregano, thyme, raspberry, calendula, mugwort, yarrow, chamomile, rose petals, sage and lavender.

Food Remedies for Yeast and Bacteria Infections

It is common knowledge that these two infections are brought on by a change in the natural acidic balance of the vagina (pH balance). Some women have found that using some items from their kitchen, helps relieve the symptoms and restore the balance to their yoni.

Garlic, Greek yogurt, cranberry juice, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar are on the top of the list of foods that can relieve burning and itching casued by yeast and vaginosis.

We would still advice that you consult a doctor if you suffer severe pain, burning, itching or any other vaginal health problems that may persist for more than two (2) days

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