Of all the different sex positions, I believe the G-whiz position is the most exciting. This position is so exhilarating, it’s got different names; The Anvil, baby making position, child support etc. One of the reasons I love this position is because it is breathtaking, literally. This position will have you and your partner panting for air by the time you are done, and orgasm is guaranteed.


The G-whiz position starts with the woman lying on her back and the man kneeling between her thighs. Before the man penetrates, the woman raises her legs and rest her legs on his shoulder. This helps her get more comfortable and help her adjust the speed and depth of penetration.

One of this reasons why this position is electrifying is because it allows the penis to massage the G-spot. Yet it could get uncomfortable rather than pleasurable if penetration is rough. Therefore the man should thrust gently by simply rocking at first.


Deeper penetration: Position allows penetration to go as deep as possible with very little resistance.

G spot stimulation: This position is great for G spot stimulation and this is why it is ranked among the top three sex positions.

Orgasm: With this position, orgasm is almost guaranteed for both parties, provided they play their part well

Visuals: Unlike spooning, this is a front entry penetrative sex position, so you are able to see your partner, and the expression on his face, which can be a huge turn on.


Comfort: Staying in this position for a long time isn’t very easy. The G-whiz sex position isn’t one of the most comfortable sex positions, at least for the women at the receiving end.

Exhaustion: Since this position isn’t very comfortable, one or both parties might get easily exhausted, due to all the strength and effort exerted in this position.

Control: This position is one of those pin down positions, where control is limited to just one person, and since the woman has already been placed in a tight position, the man is in full control.


  • Instead of using a pillow to support your head, use it to support your back. This way, you can have your pelvic thrust out more and create more comfort, balance and flexibility for you.
  • Instead of having you legs on your shoulder or hanging the whole time, rest them on your partner’s shoulder.
  • Ensure that you are well lubricated before penetration. This is very important to avoid any form of discomfort, and easy exhaustion.


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