How to Manage High Sex Drive in Women

Are you searching for ways to manage your high sex drive? Do you worry that you want too much sex than your partner and it is ruining your relationship?

To start with, there’s nothing to feel ashamed about. An healthy sex drive just means you get to have more fun than others. You should only allow yourself worry if it causes harm to you, your relationship or mentally stresses you or the people around you. Also, it is important to seek help if you consider it out of character for you.


If your doctor suspects it may be due to high level of testosterone, he will most likely prescribe estrogen(female hormone) producing drugs to counteract the effect of / the production of the male hormone. Same applies to excessive production of adrenaline and androgen.

If your sex drive is triggered by more serious medical conditions like Bipolar Disorder or Pancreatic Endocrine Tumor, expect a much more extensive treatment plan.

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Sex Therapy

Therapy helps you deal with underlying issues but also helps you understand what your body is experiencing. Sex therapy in particular can help you understand the pattern in your sexual appetite and help you maintain some sanity in your relationship. Because a lot of people mistake a high sex drive for sex addiction, sex therapy is twice as important

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Exercise on the other hand, helps you let off some of the pent up energy you direct at sex. It channels your energy into other physical activities that may help you control excessive sexual thoughts. Focusing your thoughts on things that interest you besides sex is another effective way to reduce your hyperactive sex drive.


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