I hate the shape of my vagina

Dear Mahogany, I hate the shape of my vagina and it bothers me.

I have been sexually active for the last three years but I still do it in the dark. I hate the shape and type of my vagina. I have seen other girls and my sisters and they have nice, neat vaginas. My own is all puffy and gives me the worst kind of camel toe. I can’t wear leggings or tights without a very long top and I can’t have oral sex or let a guy see it in daylight. It freaks me out! How freaked out will a guy be to see it?

– Tessy

Dear Tessy

Let’s start with, YOU ARE PERFECT. Your vagina is the perfect shape and the perfect type.

Like everything else in the world, God made vaginas in all shapes and sizes with different spices! The shape of your vagina is just one in a variety of about five (5) types of vagina. There are puffy-looking, tucked-in, flaps, heart-shaped, pumpkin-shaped, and some experts claim there may be five more shapes! How cool is that??

In your three (3) years of sexual activity, I can bet you have seen at least two types of penises? Just like our vaginas are loving carved in different shapes, the male organ too comes in all shapes and curves. If a man can wield is crooked penis with pride, then darling you can spread your legs with glee too.

Don’t let the shape of your vagina stop you from living your best life. Get rid of the little voice in your head that’s limiting you to sex in the dark. You’re perfect just the way you are and you have to remember that and act like it.



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