Whether you’re single or have a partner, indulging in self-loving from time to time can do wonders. Pleasing yourself not only helps you learn more about your body and what works for it but it also helps relieve stress, relaxes your mind, drives away cramps and makes you a happier person. If touching yourself feels good and the way you plan to go about it causes no risk of injury, then you should seriously go for it.

Self pleasure or masturbation is a great way to have some solo fun or just release a little tension. Masturbating will also relight your inner flame if your sex drive is somewhat lacking. The more sex we have the more our body wants/needs, so masturbating 2 or 3 times a week can rapidly have you wanting more sex more often.


Here are a few suggestions to making it a little more fun while going solo.

Get Wet

Get out the lube and make sure you are suitably wet. Lube can be a deal breaker during self pleasure. The wetter the better for reaching the Big “O”. It reduces friction, increases sensation and can help get things started a little sooner, which is never a bad thing.

Go Slow

Quickies are great when you need a fast release and you have limited time but try and slow it down to build up the release. Build up to orgasm and then stop and slowly bring yourself back to the verge of climax again. The longer you delay your orgasm the more intense it will be.

Play and Repeat

You don’t have to stop at one orgasm; we women were blessed with the possibility of multi orgasms. Give yourself a hand ladies and go for a double whammy or even a triple. Spend some time with you and get to know your body completely.

Take It to The Tub

Spice up your bathroom with some candles and soft music and get yourself clean while getting dirty. The shower attachment can play an important role here if you have one. The hot water will heighten your arousal and warm your senses.

Read Some Erotica

There is a reason why Fifty Shades of Grey is a best seller. Stimulating your imagination will stimulate your body. Seriously, who hasn’t envisioned Will Smith, Omari Hardwick, Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, Trey Songz or Donnel Blaylock while masturbating? Read Mahogany Eroticas Here.




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