Having a baby is great news, only when you are expecting one. Because of this, the internet is filled with different stories and DIYS on how to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Some are quite believable than the others which are mundane. Well, sorry to disappoint you but most of them are false and do not work. if you are having unprotected sex, it’s better you stick to a good birth control pill or use a condom instead. Either method you choose, make sure you weigh the other sexual risks involved in having unprotected sex.
1. Ejaculating before sex
This is one of the myths that sound quite believable. Most men believe that their sperm after their first release is not as active as subsequent release. Boom, false news. It takes just one lucky sperm to fertilize a woman and by the time you are done resting from your first release and ready to have sex with your partner, the new sperm will be active too.
2. Withdrawal
This is the most common of all pregnancy prevention methods. This process involves a man pulling out before he releases. Now, he may be an expert at the withdrawal game but his pre-ejaculate fluid may be the swimmer that does the trick.
3. I’m on the pill
The birth control pill, although effective in preventing pregnancy is not as effective in reducing the risk in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Being on the pill does not prevent you from getting pregnant, missing a day of your birth control pill can actually land you with a bump when you are having unprotected sex.
4. Positions
This is the most absurd of all myths. Most women believe that certain positions during sex can prevent pregnancy. Sorry darling, whether you are standing, sitting, strutting or lying down, having unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy. Period.
5. Douching after sex
Washing your vagina right after sex does not prevent pregnancy. Urinating after sex can help reduce the risk of a urinary tract infection but douching does not in any way prevent pregnancy. Sperms are fast swimmers and by the time you may be done washing up your vagina, the sperm may be swimming towards your womb.

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