Sewa: the girl from Downtown

I’ve always had a thing for girls with ankle chain and waist chain. They’ve always held a strong sex appeal to me, one that I cannot easily resist, most especially if the anklet and waist chain was worn by a dark skin girl.
Many of friends knew me as a womanizer, but most of the girls I’ve had were just to ease off the build of horniness inside of me. At work, none of the ladies thrilled me. In fact I made up my mind not to have anything to do with the ladies at work, but all this changed when she came around.
I knew the company was hiring a new person to join the sales department, but I never paid attention to the whole recruitment process. I don’t think I ever had a glimpse of the people who applied for the job. I was simply not interested. Few weeks after the recruitment process was over, a general meeting was held in the office to introduce the new staff that was joining the sales department.
That was when I saw Sewa for the first time. A flawless, dark skin lady of average height. She had a lovely dimple which was very visible every time she smiled. I also noticed her diastema too, which to me added to her beauty. I was going to write her off and go back to my work, but then something caught my eye.
You see, Sewa wore a purple fitted bodycon gown which flaunted all her curves but stopped at her knees. Below her knees was a glittering silver anklet, resting comfortable on her ankle
I swear I was caught off guard, almost immediately, a bulge was formed under my trouser. I was beginning to sweat even while inside an air conditioned room. I had to excuse myself from the meeting to go to the toilet before I disgraced myself.
At that moment I felt the devil had come for me, bringing my weakness to my place of work. I knew I had to be strong to ward of this temptation, but each time I remembered Sewa, I got an erection. Why on earth would the company employ a dark skin girl who wore an anklet? I kept asking myself. As if that wasn’t enough, her work station was directly across mine.
Occasionally we would make eye contact, and she would smile. Flashing me one of the most seductive smile I have ever seen, also showing off her diastema. Sometimes I would smile back, but most times, I was always thinking about how it would feel having my dick in her mouth and having her tongue wrap around my hard on. Sometimes I would be able to snap out of my thoughts, but most times, I was lost in my lust.
I knew it would only be a moment before something happened between Sewa and me. I could feel the attraction and the feeling was mutual. I wanted to feel my tongue in her mouth, I needed to taste her lips. Even though we haven’t exchange words, I could feel the heat she emitted every time our eyes jammed.
It wasn’t long before an opportunity presented itself. It was 7:45 am in the morning and I was on my way to the office. I knew it was 7:45 because that’s the exact time Saliu the cobbler opens his shop. Right in front me was a dark in complexion lady, wearing a tight fitted dark blue skirt and white shirt. As she walked, her slim waist swayed freely, making her beautifully soft butt giggle left and right like a Christmas bell without any care in the world. It was a beautiful sight to behold, I slowed down to drive behind her, I was trying to enjoy the sight while it lasted. I had no intention of picking up this stranger, until I noticed the sliver anklet on her ankle. That was when it occurred to me that this lady might be Sewa.
Immediately I drove to her side to offer her a lift, it was Sewa. I tried to initiate a conversation, but she seemed not to be interested in me or the free ride I was offering her to the office. I kept wondering what kind of woman Sewa was, I kept on persuading her to get into the car so I could take her to the office. She finally agreed and we got talking.
“So you are from uptown I guess?”
She did not reply me, instead she only rolled her eyes, and I smiled.
“I believe you are enjoying your job so far?” I asked.
“Yes I am.” She finally responded.
“So where are you from?” I asked again.
“Downtown” she finally responded
“Oh really!”
“Yes, do you have a problem with that?” She seemed offended
“Not really, you seem to be doing pretty good for…”
“Pretty good for what?” She cut in. “Pretty good for a girl from downtown? Are you also one of those people who believe downtown girls are cheap whores?”
“No but I know downtown girls are tasty.”
“So you’ve had a feel of downtown girls?”
“Yes quite a few, I must confess.”
“So what do you think?”
“Well, it seems like downtown girls are born with skills to be sex goddesses.”
“Is that what you think?” She asked with a smirk on her face, as if that was not enough, she moved her tongue across her lip, trailing her lipstick, which for some reason did not seem to remove. I was carried away by her mini seduction I almost hit an oncoming bike.
“What are you trying to do?” I asked her faking an anger as I tried to control the car.
“Oh please!” She rolled her eyes
“Do you think I don’t know that you want me? Or am I blind not to notice the bulge formed in your trouser. Ayo I noticed you from day one, when you had to excuse yourself from the meeting trying hard to hide your bulge. I know you want me so stop the pretence.”
Sewa’s words had me dazed, I didn’t know how to respond to what she said, I didn’t even notice I was already parked outside the office building. She got out of the car and walked into the building while I remained in the car dazed.

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