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a guide to choosing the best male sex toy

“Men use sex toys too?”

Why not? They are not gender specific There are so many misconceptions when it comes to male sex toys. Having a sex toy doesn’t mean you are sexually starved or not getting any. Neither is it meant for men who cannot get any. Just like for women, male sex toys were made to enhance pleasure during solo and partnered play. If you feel that way, toss out those thoughts already.

Although in recent times, male sex toys have become more popular and acceptable giving more men the chance to explore from the varieties of men sex toys in the market. However, choosing a sex toy from the wide range of love toys for men can be overwhelming. Answers to questions like “What sex toy should I begin with? “Can I reuse my sex toy?” have all been answered in this blog post to aid your ultimate pleasure.

Here’s our list of 6 best male sex toys

1. Fleshlight- the most popular male masturbator

The fleshlight is without doubt the most common used masturbator for men. One distinct feature about the fleshlight lies in it’s outward appearance. Traditional fleshlights have the appearance of a flashlight on the outside and is not easily recognizable as a sex toy. And in recent times new designs have been incorporated into the fleshlight design that would have you completely fascinated.

The shape and contours of most fleshlights are modeled after famous porn stars. It makes sense to work your imagination while you are at it. This masturbator comes with different openings for all tastes-vagina, anus and mouth with varying textures of feeling. This male sex  toy will make the feeling of a hand job more pleasurable and less stressful for you.

Why you should use a fleshlight

If you want a realistic feeling of the real sex then the fleshlight is the sex toy for you. They are easy to use, are lifelike and can easily be brought to room temperature with warm water. Some of the flesh lights like Meiyao Aircraft cup comes with a suction to attach on a surface you can go hands free and enjoy your ride. The insides of the toy was made to stimulate the penis to a maximum. The fleshlight provides increased stimulation, enhanced movement for rotation, suction and thrusting ability: plus a varying degree of tightness like a vagina.

The pocket pussy is another type of male sex toy masturbator that should make it to your list. It provides a life like feeling of a vagina. It’s easy to use and budget friendly. For extra action, go for the real life ass and vagina toy. This toy provides you with a different masturbating experience. This toy comes with a vaginal and anal opening made solely for your pleasure. So you can explore both vaginal and anal sex as you please.

For a better sensational experience, always use lubricants.

2. Cock ring- for a firmer and lasting erection

Use a cock ring for a long lasting erection. Cock rings are my favorite adult toy for men after the penis sleeve because they are also ideal for couple play. Wear the cock ring around the base of your penis. Because of the fit, it would be impossible for blood to leave the penis hence the erection. The traditional cock ring is shaped in the form of a ring but new designs like the Mahogany’s longjohn adjustable cock ring are leaning towards an adjustable style and design.  

Cock rings for couples

The best cock ring for couples is a vibrating cock ring. (I told you cock rings were my favorite). A vibrating cock ring also stimulates the clitoris at the same time. Let’s talk about the right amount of balance.

The Super Man vibrating cock ring is a good place to begin if you need some intense vibrations during couple play. For clitoral tongue stimulation and vibrations, The Adam & Eve couple enhancer set was made for you. If you find vibrations too intense, opt for the Mahogany’s Longjohn delay cock ring.

3. Tenga Egg- your training for longer sex

This egg is will give you value for your money and no one has to know. The Tenga egg is a unique male masturbator sleeve toy hidden in an egg cup. The Tenga egg is compact with a discreet appearance. It comes with its own water based lubes for a more exciting experience. All you have to do is open it, apply the lubes inside the egg and wear it over your penis. It’s flexible and can fit easily over any penis, no matter the size.

The tenga egg was designed solely for one-time use and can be disposed of easily. Tenga eggs come in a pack of six that comes with different internal structure for a variety of experience.   

4. Anal sex toys- backdoor of fun

 Anal toys are not made for gay men. I like to say, butt toys are for anyone who has a butt. Most men associate anal stimulation with a painful experience and would rather not indulge in it. Although in recent times the narrative is changing and most men have begun to explore the anal region. The anus is filled with lots of different nerve endings that make it a sensitive spot. But stimulating the anus can be arousing and lead to orgasms.

Here’s what you should know about anal sex before you begin

Butt plugs

Thinking of where to begin? The butt plug is the ideal anal toy to start with. They are often small, flexible with a tapered end for easy entry. They come with a flared base to prevent it from getting lost in the butt region.

Best butt plug for beginners

If you are new to butt plugs, start with something small. Start with a toy that has a silicone variant like the Black butt plug. You can experiment with metal and glass toys like the Mahogany’s Wild Gal butt plug to add little bit of weight sensations, great for temperature play and works easily with any lubricant. This toy is a great alternative for beginner toys. They come in three different sizes and can help you easily transition if you are looking to upgrade your size.

Butt plugs also come with vibrations. TheMr Play dildo comes with vibrations that are great for anal play. They are highly recommended because the vibrations present helps relaxing the sphincter muscles present in the anus for a seamless anal play.

We cannot forget about anal beads. These toys add a different level of sensation to anal toys use. Unlike anal toys that are meant to stay in your anus. This toy provides sensation by  being moved in and out of the butt. Some of them come with vibrations like the XOXO vibrating anal beads.

Prostate stimulators

Ever heard of a prostate massage? Stimulating the prostate comes with lots of benefits. The prostate is often regarded as the G-spot for men. It is located 5cm deep in the anus just below the rectum. Your fingers may do the job but there are toys made specifically to stimulate the prostate. Stimulating the prostate can lead to better prostate health, improved erection and improved sexual health.

We highly recommend the U-shape prostate massager.


5. An automatic masturbator- Go hands free

With this toy, you don’t have to do much work. Just lean back, push the button and enjoy the pleasurable feeling that comes with it. These toys can vibrate, stroke, moan and make jerky movements. They were made to give a realistic feeling. All you have to do is push a button and relax. Get started with the Leten Masturbator cup .

male masturbator

6. Stroker – the hand job toy

Looking for a male masturbator toy that serves as a masturbator and still great for couple play? The Aphrodisia vibrating stroker definitely fits this schedule. You can use during foreplay to intensify your pleasure before sex. The stroker can also be used in place of your hand if for hand jobs.

There you have it. Which of these toys would you try out?

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