The Right Way to Finger Your Lady

To start with, fingers are still every woman’s favorite sex toys FYI. They are free, they are sensitive and they are much more intimate than anything else. Sadly, some of our men tend to ruin this simple sex act with too little patience or too much aggression. In fact, some men completely overlook it!

After talking to a few women who enjoy fingers in their hoo-ha, we put together a quick 4-point manual on how to finger your lady right. Thank us later.


Don’t stick it in if it’s not manicured

Nobody wants sharp nails or roughlu chipped nails sticking into them. Ouch. It hurts like hell!. Before you start tearing her up with your nails, be sure to check that there are no rough edges that could tear her up.

Do this:

Run your thumb over your nails. If you feel any thing but smooth skin, don’t bother sticking your fingers in. Next time, sir.


Don’t stick it in if she’s desert-dry

If the mood is right and she’s into you, her body will tell you. If you have gotten past kissing and petting and she’s still dry, then she’s not ready. Don’t stick in dry fingers into dry pussy. It hurts!

Do this:

Rub her clitoris gently through her panties and continue kissing her lips, neck, boobs or thighs. If she likes talking during sex, whisper sweet nothings in her ears. Keep going till you can feel some wetness through her panties.

Don’t stick your whole hand in at once

Don’t start stabbing at her lady parts with your whole hand. Nothing kills the mood faster than lack of patience or unnecessary aggression.

Do this:

1,2,3..and you’ll make magic. Start with one finger and  then go from there. Depending on our wet she is, she may not take more than 2 – 3 fingers.


Don’t neglect everything else

No two woman are the same. What works for Bola, may suck for Tola. Don’t neglect the other things she like just to stab your finger in and out of her. Don’t be lazy.

Do this:

Kiss her. Play with  the other parts of her body she likes. Do everything else while your fingers are inside her. You can eat her out and finger her at the same time. Be creative.

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