Continued from: Strawberry  and Cream pt 1

Ese was good with her mouth, and she knew how to work her tongue in ways I could only hope to learn. She was perfect, she kept sliding the strawberry fruit into my mouth and rubbing her whipped cream coated finger on my lips before kissing me. Her kisses were sweet and moist, I can feel her lips on mine right now even as I type. It only makes me want her more.

Ese dipped her fingers into the bowl of whipped cream again, this time she didn’t slide her fingers in my mouth like she used to, she slipped them down my pussy. I was already wet, and Ese had done a good job in making sure I had a continuous flow of juice running down there without drying. Her fingers stroked my clitoris slowly but continuously. I was moaning and I could hear my own soundtrack because I was quite loud. Once in a while, she would shush me so I wouldn’t call the attentions of the other corpers to our activities.

The way Ese stroked my clitoris was ecstatic, she took her time, enjoying every motion and sounds I was making. I knew she was pleased, I could feel her staring at me with a smile on her face.

Soon she stopped stroking me, and moved slowly to the angle where my two legs meet and joins my upper body. She separated my legs even further and soon I could feel her lapping at my clitoris. My breathing became shallow and I was scared. I knew I should relax, but I wasn’t sure Ese knew what she was doing.

And as if she was reading my thoughts, she looked up at me and said “relax babe, I’ve got you.” Hearing Ese’s voice while she was down on me was soothing. I was swoon by the release of multiple feel good hormones all around my body, while she did her magic. I felt as Ese thrust her fingers into me while she continued lapping at my clitoris. My sight became hazy, but I was not about to cum. There were still so many nerves in my body that needed to be relaxed, and the way Ese was going about our activity, she would have been disappointed if I had an orgasm any time soon.

Ese came up to me and kissed me, she slipped her tongue into my ear and asked if she should stop. I was already mute, thanks to sensations that were flowing freely in my body. But I was not about to ask her to stop. So I shook my head, and she continued.

She  stroked my clit again, before going down on me. This time she took the lips of my labia, and engaged them in passionate kisses. The things Ese did to my body with the strawberry fruits, are one of the reasons why strawberries are my favorite fruit and flavor. Strawberries are exotic fruits, but what Ese made out of them, made them even more exquisite to me.

Ese took a strawberry, she licked it without taking a bite, then she used it to massage my clitoris. She massaged my clitoris with the fruit roughly and steadily. No amount of shush could keep me from moaning loud. When she finished massaging my clitoris with that strawberry, she took a bite from it, then came up to kiss me. Then she took another strawberry, dipped it inside the whipped cream, and used it to massage me again. The massages where so intense. They hit me in all my pleasure zones. My breathing had become very shallow at the point but I wanted to continue.

Ese used the strawberry to tease the entrance of my vulva, while also rubbing it on my juice. She took a deep bite, and came up to kiss me again. This kiss was so sweet, it was filled with different beautiful flavors. The combination of natural flavors, richly blended together to produce something extraordinary.

Then Ese went down on me, determined to finish me, she ate me up without mercy. At this point, I didn’t even care if my moans would wake up all the sleeping residence of Jos. Ese gave me the orgasm of my life.  It was an experience I was never going to forget.  But now it was my turn to return the favor. Even though I was a novice, I knew what I wanted to do first, and without much ado, I took her tempting nipple into my mouth.

Maybe the rumors about us in camp wasn’t a rumor after all, but a prophesy.

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