I spread my legs a little bit wider to accommodate his swelling dick inside my vagina, he lifts my ass slowly in a premeditated pace, allowing me take calculated bounces on him. This secrecy is stifling, I want to sit on his dick and ride him as fast as I can, but not with my friends standing at the entrance to the kitchen boring me senseless.
‘Gab, have you had something to eat. I know this witch didn’t ask you’ Kenny, my motherly friend says
‘Not completely but she said she is going to get me something. Thanks’
‘So babe, what are you wearing to that party, you promised to help me pick out some clothes’
Why does Kenny always ruin things for me, I mean we had been at home alone all day and she couldn’t find a better time to ask than now. Gosh! I need new friends.
‘Babe, oya now. Can I check myself’
Before I have the chance to answer, Gab’s fingers are finding its way to my asshole and I feel my breath get stuck in my throat, but it comes out like a grunt. I’m not an asshole virgin, but the unexpectedness of it takes me by surprise. I raise my ass higher to accommodate him and spread my legs tighter to allow me grind on him. His other hands travel to my clitoris and he begins to massage it again, my breath quickens and my pace increases exhilarate. His tongue finds his way on my neck and I’m reduced to ruins by the impact this little touch has on me.
Kenny is blabbing something to Bola and I hear my name in between their conversation but it doesn’t register. My hands grope his knees for assistance as I grind my eager dripping pussy on his expectant dick. His moans are getting huskier but stifled and I know my neck may have been reduced to all shades of hickey.
‘Babe, what are you talking about. Is Gab crying’
‘Kenny, you can wear my grey playsuit. Gab needs time alone’
‘How about me, can I wear that…’
‘Yes, you can’ Agreeing to my friend’s caprices is the worst decision I have made in a while, but this is what happens when you have a dick inside of you.
Gab is going faster, and his other hands travel from my asshole to my breasts, he is going faster and in no time he may cum. I expertly slide out of him, and take his dick in my mouth, rubbing it with my palm sucking him and shoving him deep in my throat. His dick tightens inside my throat and he spills his seed into me, which I gladly receive and I suck him until I have all of him inside if me.
‘Babe, can I wear your lemon dress instead?’ Kenny calls out from the room
‘No’ The dick session is over

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