Dear Mahogany, can sex make a girl thick?

I and some of my friends were having a conversation a few weeks back and we started to argue. The reason for our argument was because someone mentioned that a girl was getting thick and curvy in all the right places, and it was as a result of sex,.

I disapproved of that statement, because I don’t see any connection between a girl’s sexual activities and her getting thick. So my friend started to say that swallowing semen as some healthy benefits, and that getting thick is one of them.

I would just like you to throw more light on this topic. Can sex make a girl thick?

Joseph 28.

Dear Joseph,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Concerning your question, there has not been any proven theory yet that states that, sex has the ability to enhance the physical development of a woman. Although, regular sexual activities might do one or two adjustment in the hormonal physiology of a woman which may affect the body structure of that woman, for example she may develop a fuller breast.

But even such adjustments can occur during her menstrual cycle, so it would be very hard to say if such changes are due to adjustment in the hormonal physiology of the woman as a result of her sexual activities, or her menstrual cycle.

As for swallowing semen, it has also not be proven that semen has the ability to make a woman thick. Even though it may have some nutritional benefits, physical development is yet to be proven as one of the benefits of swallowing semen. The theory that semen can make a girl thick is just a myth and it has not been proven to be true. You can read more on the benefits of swallowing semen in this linked text.



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