Today, people are beginning to question what the normal duration of sex should be. The duration of normal sex has become a trending topic all over social media, from Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram. Now everybody is looking for and trying out new tips, techniques, and cues to enhance their sexual performance and last longer in bed. So what are the ways to last longer in bed?


  • FOREPLAY LAST LONGER IN BEDI know you must be tired of hearing foreplay all the time, but fortunately or unfortunately the importance of foreplay during sex cannot be over emphasized. Yes it could get boring, but there are ways to spice up your foreplay, like including props into your foreplay, like sex toys, champagnes etc. Try a different approach into your foreplay, a slight BDSM would not hurt. Blindfolds, handcuff, they go a long way in creating more intensity.

The positions and techniques you try during sex are very important. You can’t keep repeating the same positions every time, you are sure to burn out very fast. There are several marvelous positions for sex you should explore more. Communicate with your partner, research together and try out different new sex positions. Even try out the ones that seems impossible, and if it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll know you tried.


Exercises are very important in keeping the body running, no matter how minimal they are. So it is with sex. With exercise, you gain more stability, flexibility and control, which would help you be much more in control with your body, and also help you last longer in bed. Why not try out some of the yoga exercises listed in our previous articles.


Aphrodisiacs are nature’s way of blessing our sex lives, so why not take advantage of nature’s gift and try out some local aphrodisiacs around you. It is important to note that alcohol, chocolates and Viagra are not the only aphrodisiacs available. There are fruits and food that would do your sex life and your general health a whole lot of good, like chilies and watermelons. Trust me they would do you a whole lot of good and help you last longer in bed.


This is the last point, but believe me when I say it is equally as important as all the other points listed above. Stroke game is very important because they can easily wear you out or help you last longer in bed. You don’t have to rush through penetrative sex, take your time, and enjoy the feel of the virginal walls against your penis. Stroke game is what gets a lot of men exhausted quickly during sex. Work on your stroke game, and exercises can help you with that.

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