Dear Mahogany, I want my vibe back.

It’s been three months since I broke up with my ex, but in my opinion, my vibe has been on a down low for way too long. Naturally I am carefree by nature, sex with my ex-boyfriend was epic, but that’s just it. I wouldn’t say we shared a connection, because we only dated for six months, and the break up was practically my fault. But the issue is how do I get my vibe back on?

Normally I could go to the club and be able to hook up with someone by the end of the night (I practice safe sex). I even have casual friends I could just call to hook up. But I don’t want too, instead I find myself yearning for my ex. I don’t want to masturbate, my sex toys basically annoy me every time I see them. My situation is really frustrating because I get horny all the time I and don’t know what to do. Please help me.

Olivia 23.

Dear Olivia,

Thank you for reaching out. From your letter, it seems like you were actually way more into your ex than you think. But for sure, I can say that you are going through a transitioning period. A transitioning period is a period where people switch from one sex partner to another. This could be as a result of a break up, like you are going through.

Transitioning period can be really annoying and frustrating, but it usually ends once you have a new sex partner that you actually really like. This could take time and it might not really be easy, but you should be patient with yourself because you will get through this.

For now, I will suggest you get your mind off sex for a bit and get more activities and hobbies. Yoga would actually help and some other exercise and safe sexual exercises would do you good. But whatever you do, make sure you don’t hook up with your ex, as it will only make your transition phase more difficult.

Don’t worry you will get your vibe back on.



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