Every time I write an erotica, I write about what I want someone to do to me, or what I want to do to someone else, all in form of stories. But not today. Today I want to share with you my imaginations. I want to open my mind and allow you walk right in and let’s explore together. Let’s travel on an erotica journey through imaginations, let’s feel and experience every sensation together. Let us reach orgasm and climax together as our toes curl and we hold on to the sheets for our dear life. Let us run out of breath and pant till we are relived of adrenaline. Are you ready? I will need you to concentrate as you let your imaginations take control of you.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are in a magical place, far away from everyone and all your worries didn’t exist. You could be on an exotic island were you are the only resident. In a beach house very close to the ocean and you can hear the waves as it roars and clashes on the shore. It could be noon, so you can feel the warmth of the sun on our skin, and enjoy as the sun rays illuminate your room. Your room could be painted in bright colors and filled with all sorts of exotic fruits and aphrodisiac. There could be a large king sized bed with soft sheets that would draw you to sleep as soon as you lay on it.

Right beside the bed could be a stool with a gold goblet, and out of curiosity, you’ll pick up the goblet. In the goblet contains a liquid with a very inviting aroma, you taste from the liquid in the goblet, and as soon as it reaches your taste bud, you realize it is the sweetest wine you have ever tasted. So sweet it leaves you wanting for more, so cool and all of a sudden you are thirsty, so strong its potency has weaken all you muscles.

As soon as you feel the effect of the wine, you have no choice but to drop the goblet and lay on the bed, just to clear your now hazy head. Still in that hazy state, you see a figure walk into your room. It’s a man, a tall dark man, with broad shoulders and heavy chest. He is handsome, with full eyebrows, full dark lips with connecting beards. Your breath begins to deepen as you can feel the sexual tension in the air, and because you don’t want this man to be stranger, you name him Samson, like the strongest man in history.

You adjust yourself so you can have a better view of this man, Samson. He is shirtless, so you can see all his figure and masculinity. Then sudden a warm sensation sweeps through you, and you realize that you are sweating. Sweating from the hotness that Samson is emitting, and you are becoming wet from under. And it’s confusing because you can’t control yourself and you just want a taste of this black Zeus, Samson. So you bite your lips just to keep you in control, but instead it’s making you hunger more for a feel of Samson.

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