Dear Mahogany, are contraceptives sin?

I am a happily married woman with four kids. My children have between 2 – 3 years age gap. After my fourth child, I felt God has blessed me more than I could have asked for. Four children, three boys and a girl. I love my husband and my husband adores me also, and my home is peaceful and blissful.

I wasn’t thinking about contraceptives before, in fact, my husband and I never used any form of contraceptives. I only started considering contraceptives when a colleague of mine at work got pregnant recently, this would be her sixth child if I am not mistaken. With our present economy status that was a wakeup call for me.

My husband and I are okay financially, when it comes to living comfortable. We give our kids the best, and they lack nothing. But seeing my colleague in her present situation was scary. I went home to discuss this with my husband. I told him, that for us to avoid that kind of situation, we need to seriously start considering contraceptives.

The look my husband gave me was terrifying. It was as if he had seen a demon. He called me a sinner, a murderer and all sort. My husband and I are well educated so I was not expecting that kind of reaction from him. You won’t believe he has reported me to my mum, his mum, and our pastor.

Everybody is telling me that I am wrong to even think of considering contraceptives. My pastor says it is a sin. This has even become a very sensitive argument in my home, and I don’t want to discuss this issue with my husband anymore. You won’t believe my pastor had his wife setup a women’s conference just because of this issue.

Am I wrong to want to consider contraceptives? My husband and I agreed to have just four kids before marriage, and God has blessed us with them already. But am I wrong to want to protect myself, my home, even my current kids against uncertainties in the future by using contraceptives?

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