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For some reason, loads of men and women think period sex is ‘gross’, ‘disgusting’, and ‘nasty’. This is infuriating, to be honest, because all this is just reinforcing the idea that periods are disgusting and shameful, and that – in effect – women’s bodies are, too.

Having sex on your period isn’t for every woman. But if it is something you’re open to, DO IT. There is no reason not to, and so, so many reasons why period sex is a glorious thing.


Reasons why you should try Period sex

  1. Periods are not ‘gross’ or ‘dirty’ they’re natural. They happen every month. They’re just a part of women’s bodies.
  2. Women are usually hornier during their periods. Why are you skipping something you really, really want because you’re scared of a little blood? Give in to what you want. Treat yourself.

  1. A reminder: it’s just blood. Nothing bad will happen if it gets on a guy’s dick. It’s not a toxic substance. It’s uterine lining and blood. It’s really not a big deal if it goes on a penis. He can just wipe it off. Any guy that kicks up a fuss about this needs to calm down and get over their fear of women’s bodies.


  1. By having period sex, you’re taking down the stigma surrounding periods and women’s bodies. In a small, private way, sure. But you can pat yourself on the back for doing something positive. Through sex.


  1. You won’t need lube. Period blood is a natural lubricant.


  1. It’ll make you feel sexier. At a time when you’re bloated and feeling like crap, one way to remind yourself just how sexy you are is by having sex on your period.


Health Benefits of Period Sex

1. Having an orgasm helps alleviate cramps

Orgasms are natural pain-relievers.  When we orgasm, the body releases oxytocin and dopamine, along with other endorphins that can ease any period-related pains. Those hormones are far stronger than any over-the-counter painkillers


2.    It Can Shorten the Length Of Your Period

With every orgasm you have, your uterus contracts. Each contraction expels the blood and uterine lining faster than it would on its own. Having sex during your period will not only shorten its length, but it will also flush out the compounds within the uterus that are causing all that cramping and pressure in the first place.


3.    Greater Intimacy is assured

When you’re willing to open up the floodgates and have sex on your period, you’re also opening the doors to a deeper intimacy. You’re probably not willing to have period sex with just anybody, so when you do, it’s taking the intimate bond with your partner to the next level.

4.Period Sex reduces stress

It’s normal to feel at least a bit stressed during your periods, especially if it tends to bring you pain. Sex with a partner may help you reduce your stress. If nothing else, it can take your mind off your stressors for a little while.

5.   Your sleep improves

If your period pains tend to disrupt sleep, then you might have yet another reason to get frisky. The hormonal changes associated with sexual activity may make it easier for you to doze off, according to Women’s Health.


Note: You can get pregnant on your Period.

Although, the period is the least likely time for a woman to get pregnant (because the egg is gone), sperm could wait for the next egg to be released. Sperm can stay in a woman’s body for seven days. So if a woman has a short cycle and has sex with her near the end of it, she can become pregnant. You should discuss using a condom with your partner when considering period sex. This would also guard against STI’s.




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