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Continued from Rebound Sex Pt 1


I held his cock and stared lustfully, it was bigger than I had imagined. I got up and went on my knees.  I slipped his big cock into my mouth and sucked hard his hard cock. Chike asked me if I liked his dick and I said I couldn’t wait to feel it deep inside me. He started to rub my pussy. I was dripping and I wanted him eat me.

As if he read my mind, he lifted me and carried me to the bed.  He was eating my pussy in the best way, but I wanted to suck him off some more.

We got into a 69 position and we sucked on each other for a long time.

Then I got on my knees.  I looked over to the mirror and watched as he got ready to fuck me, I felt the head of his big cock rub along my pussy and then he started pushing it in very slowly, I put my face into the pillow screaming, I could not get over how big he was. I was watching Chike fuck me in the mirror and it was driving me crazy. Within few minutes he was making me cum, I cried out to him.

“I’m Cumming Chike, fuck me harder. Nobody ever fucked me like this”. I confessed.

We fucked in every position possible for hours and he stayed hard the whole time. I never knew a man could stay hard for so long . Chike was a sex god. I have never cum so many times in one night. He fucked me so hard I didn’t want him to go home.

When morning came, we kissed passionately.

“Let’s do this again. After your birthday. My gift to you” I said.

“Are you free on Sunday?” Chike asked

“Sunday evening works for me. You can spend the night but you owe me one round before you leave this morning”.

“Oh, yeah?. Let’s do this”

He grasped my ankles, pulling them wide apart, then lay down between my legs taking a long luxurious look at the pussy he was about to use. He slid his hand up my inner thighs until he reached the lips of my vagina. He put his finger between them. I let out a moan as he continued toying with my most intimate region.

I wiggled my hips and pushed it up into his hand. He used his finger to slide along the sides of my clit using the moisture to lubricate his finger. He ran his finger up around my clitoris and started making small circles on it causing me to whimper and gasp.

His cock reacted almost immediately. Like he had anticipated another round.

As soon as I felt his cock inside me, I wrapped my  hands around Chike and lifted my legs to allow him get deep inside me. He thrust deeper and my vagina walls gripped his cock tight. I was so near to coming and I desperately wanted to hold back but I couldn’t stop. We exploded almost at the same time. He threw his head and yelled some unintelligible sound.

rebound sex 2


After Chike took a shower and left, I reached for my phone. I had intentionally muted it. 13 missed calls from my ex. I grinned wickedly. Great Rebound Fuck.

“We are never getting back together. Chike fucks ways better than you”.

I dozed off smiling. Mission accomplished.


 Rebound Sex Pt 1

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  • Jafar
    Posted at 08:40h, 06 October Reply

    Hmmm, another lovely write up.
    I think I need a HOT rebound sex as the above.

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