How to pick a rebound guy

Rebound sex is defined as the desire to ease the pain of losing an ex or a relationship by indulging in sexual activities. A rebound guy is the person we choose to help with this desire. A rebound needs to be somebody that can make you feel better in the short term but not so good that you find yourself in love with him. Here are some things to consider when picking or choosing a rebound guy.

Use a new guy; It is best to use a person you have never been involved with. It may be a stranger or an old friend, someone you’ve always known but have never been involved with. Some people use an old ex but this isn’t really a smart move if you ask me.

Make your intentions clear; Make it clear from the start to this person that they are just the rebound. He is human and has feelings too and we wouldn’t want things getting complicated. We don’t want him saying you used him. So let him know what he is getting into. Let him see it as a no strings attached relationship only with a little sentiments e.g cuddling is allowed

Long distance is good Pick a guy who lives a little far away from you but close enough for You to get to when You want to have sex. You don’t want a guy you’d run into every time you go to the mall.

Pick someone you cannot fall in love with; You should choose a guy who has some of your deal breaker qualities e.g if you’re a Christian and a Muslim guy is a No-no for you, you could use a Muslim guy as your rebound guy, or if you hate tall guys then you could use a tall guy as your rebound (but who hates tall guys?) Something that just keeps you safe.

Keep in mind that rebound sex is like comfort food, it works for the moment but leaves a gaping hole when it is over. So, beware of the temptation to indulge or gorge on more sex since the effect will wear off and leave you unable to soothe yourself.

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