#social media spotlight: Rihanna’s weight gain and the mixed reactions.

If there is one thing Rihanna is famous for, it’s fashion slaying.

She has been setting trends, for as long as we can remember and they’ve never disappointed.
But recently, Rihanna has been getting thick in all the right places. And it seems like this is going to be the trend for many ladies #bodypositive.
But while thick Riri has been getting a lot of support. There has also been a lot of body shamming.
Now Bad gal Rihanna has been silencing and clapping back her body shamers like the melanin queen and goddess that she is.

I really do not see why anybody would be hating on thick Riri. I mean it’s totally absurd.
Not to mention, that even with the weight gain and all, she was still able to slay at all the red carpet events she attended.

And this year she looked like a Bajan goddess, adorned with rainbow feathers and turquoise wig at the annual Crop Over festival in Barbados, where she celebrates the beauty and culture of her beautiful island.
You might be used to seeing her dominate on the red carpet, or on the stage,  but that doesn’t come close to her festival style.

Rihanna, you go girl!!! keep giving us the black girl’s magic, and being a melanin goddess.

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