Being in a relationship can be exciting, especially when it’s new, discovering a connection with a stranger that you never knew existed and wanting to spend all your free time with that person. The romance, cuddling, glitz and bla bla.
You get the picture right? Being in a relationship can be fun when both partners are committed to making things work out. But, if you can’t find your prince charming, don’t break a sweat trying to conjure him from the ashes or looking for him in every unworthy stranger that comes your way because you are scared of being alone.
When people say they are scared of being single, it’s because they are scared of being ‘alone’. Having no one to constantly check up on them, send them sweet messages or simply be with them. Being single doesn’t mean you are alone. The single phase may be the most exciting period of your life if you utilize it.
• The single phase allows you to be anything you choose to be, make decisions of your own, appreciate yourself and create your world. And who talked about being alone when you have yourself. You have the best and worst conversations with yourself, know your limits, understand yourself to know what you want before getting involved.
• Spontaneity: you may decide to make spontaneous decisions without waiting for an approval from your partner. Even if there are other guys in the picture, you don’t have to seek an approval from anyone before making the most ridiculous of all decisions. Travelling, getting piercings/ tattoos, choosing a terrible hair dye or just getting wasted.
• Being single gives you time to discover yourself and work on you. You may have been nursing a hobby for some time and have not gotten round to trying it. Your single phase allows you to become dedicated when discovering a new hobby. Take a class, learn new things, new dishes, meet new people and keep doing what makes you happy.
• Enjoy your lone time: being single gives you the opportunity to enjoy your own company. Being happy with or without that man that is too busy to notice your green lights. Take yourself out, have a lone date, visit the cinema alone, go drinking alone, treat yourself to a treat, do awkward embarrassing things you would do alone. Take time to spoil yourself, stick to a fitness plan and look steamy and spicy, all for yourself.
• Attention: everyone loves attention, a dash or a spice can work multiple wonders to our self-confidence. In most cases, every single lady has guys sliding into her DM, calling or texting her. It’s a fun time to dwell in the attention without getting carried away or being in a hurry to settle down.
• Friendships: you remember your best friends you always had good fun times with but suddenly stopped because of your relationship. Well, this is the best time to recreate that connection with those friends. Hang out, have fun together and just share secrets as sisters.
• Flirting: just because you are rediscovering yourself shouldn’t limit you from exploring. Your flirting game is on, wink at a stranger, flirt with someone you know nothing about, exchange numbers and never pick their calls if you don’t want to. It’s time to own your sexuality and glow beautifully regardless of societal stigma.
Being single is just a phase, not a disease to be dreaded, not enjoying the best of that phase nay leave you chasing winds in a relationship. Embrace your ho phase and glow within.

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