STD: Getting your Partner On the Same Page

Ladies i am sure at one point in your life you must have experienced one form of STD from mild to severe. You may have heard people say I got the infection from a public toilet, unfaithful partner, bad personal hygiene and so on. Well this may be true but not in all cases.
Now before I go into what I want to share on sexual hygiene please note that I am in no way discouraging you from certain sexual practices, in fact these acts make sex more fun and should not be downplayed.
By carefully observing sexual acts, I have been able to pin point one or two practices that may easily cause an infection. For example, have you ever felt your vagina is on fire because your man had suya before inserting his two fingers in your wet pussy or had pepper soup just before going down on you. Well for those of us who have experienced that, It is not a pleasant.

Now imagine the germs/bacteria that gets into you when he puts his fingers in you after a long day outside without washing his hands first, I can assure you that there must be bacteria in those nails.
When you are having a good time, who has time to think about where his hands have been all day? The good bacteria is already in you, bad bacteria is introduced by different activities we perform.


I recently read that oral sex can cause drug resistant gonorrhea but that won’t really stop us from enjoying the sweet orgasm we get when our partner is down there.
Therefore, the real question is how do we avoid introducing germs that can cause infection?
I believe these simple adjustments will help;

1. Be conscious of sexual hygiene.
2. Even in spontaneity wash those hands. You can playful help your partner was his hands while you kiss other parts of his body to keep the fire burning or say dirty words to make him rush back to bed. Anything you do, those hands must be watched. With time it will become part of your sexual routine.
3. Ensure your partner washes their mouth before engaging in oral sex. It may not always be convenient but it will surely save you a trip or two to the doctors. We all don’t want drug resistant gonorrhea right?
Note: Ladies do not make a big discussion or problem out of these routines, so you do not kill the moment. Discuss this with your partner on a light note or share the article, skillfully introduce new routines and let them know this important fact, when germs get into your vagina through their hands or mouth which leads to an infection, they are likely to get STD from you which was originally caused by them.
Why go through the pain of STD treatment, distrust and sexual starvation when you can avoid it? Be smart be safe.

– Dayal

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