If the myth behind blacks being vampires were to be debated, then Genevieve would be our best chance to debate that blacks never crack. For lovers of Genevieve we wonder how she has managed to stay flawless and the same year for more than a decade.

Beautiful, classy, stylish, independent,smart, talented with a dashing spice of enigma are adjectives that should be inscribed on her. The 38-year-old Nigerian born veteran actress, musician and model who has captured the minds of her viewers on the screen with her acting gifts for over a decade is still a face we can’t stop getting quite enough of.

Although, there have been several rumors that may have accompanied her acting career and even doubting her sexuality. The Julia Roberts of Africa has not stopped growing in strength and in fame. Probably, the most intriguing thing about Genevieve is her ability to keep her personal life out of the of the public. A proud single mother of one, Genevieve has not relented in keeping her private life and that of her daughter out of the public.

If I was to list out the things I admired about Genevieve then I may not completely exhaust the list, but I definitely love her sense of style. I think even a piece of rag would look chic on her, Genevieve owns a clothing line called St. Genevieve, whose proceeds she donates to charity.

We love strong, talented, and confident women at Mahogany and our glazing diva St. Genevieve definitely is an embodiment of those traits mentioned. Let’s not forget that recent shaku shaku dance that has got social media on fire. She is a hottie.

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