Where does the love go?

I don’t know how people do it. How do you spend so much time and energy loving someone and then suddenly go back to being just friends? Is it possible to stay friends with an ex-lover?

It was raining heavily the day I met Simon. I had just finished watching 007 skyfall and was super excited like I usually am after every movie at the cinema when I met this equally excited guy. He had just finished watching guardians of the galaxy and was saying that was the best movie of the year, and of course I disagreed. We hit it off immediately and after the rain stopped, we went back to my place and played mortal kombat in which of course I trashed him. The chemistry was unmistakable and I soon found myself spending everyday in his company. He became my best friend and lover. The sex was ah!mazing. The best fuck of my life. He enjoyed foreplay and boy could he suck that pussy. He had a soft yet firm touch and when he touched me, my whole body screamed. I loved him deeply and he loved me too. We were the couple everyone wanted to be. Four years down and things started to sizzle out. One day, Simon comes to me and says he think we should take a break –that’s a polite way of saying he wants to break up- but that I’m the best thing that happened to him and he’d like for us to remain friends. What the fuck!!!

How do you see someone you had a deep relationship with and just smile like it was nothing? Where does the love go? Do you just take the love and put it on a shelf then replace it with friendship? What do you replace the memories of the sizzling hot sex with, or do you just keep having break up sex and hope one day the feelings would dissipate into nothingness? If it were to end, would you rather have an amicable break-up with the love of your life and stay ‘friends’ or would you prefer to have a terrible break-upand lose what you had?

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