where are my other erogenous zones?: 10 EROGENOUS ZONES YOU NEVER KNEW EXISTED.

If someone asks you what part of your body turns you on most, you would be quick to respond to your popular hot spots: your erogenous zones. An erogenous zone is an area of the human body which has heightened sensitivity when stimulated. This may create a sexual response such as relaxation, arousal and thoughts of sexual fantasies.

We all have erogenous zones that go beyond nipples, clit and cap.  Many people still have much to explore when it comes to their body  and are quick to accept others’ zones as theirs forgetting that what may rock their sexual boat may sink another persons’.

The good news is that finding your erogenous zone isn’t that complicated because any part of the body can be an erogenous zone if explored right.


  1. Ears

Your ears contain hundreds of sensory receptors inside plus very sensitive skin on the outside. It tops the list of erogenous zones for both sexes.

For some sexual action start with whispering or lightly blowing air into the ear to get a tingly feel.  This heightens the sensory receptors inside. To arouse the sensitive skin outside, kiss lightly, lick or nibble their earlobes. 

2. Navel and lower stomach

The tease of the navel is that it’s so close to the sex region. Begin from the navel and tease down to the stomach using your tongue, fingertips or feather to trace slow circles. You can also involve temperature play by using an ice cube to caress yourself or partner into heightened sexual pleasure.

3. Nipple/ Areola

Similar to both sexes, the nipple and areola is very sensitive because it lights up the same area in the brain as the genitals.

To stimulate, use your tongue, lips, fingers, love toy, feather or ice for temperature play.  Trace, flick, kiss, lick or suck the areola region using choice object to the nipple. If you like it rough, you can use a nipple clamp to heighten your pleasure.

erogenous zones

4. Inner wrist

The inner wrist is sensitive if touched right. Maintain eye contact with your partner while caressing the wrist. You can also kiss with your lips and draw circles using the tip of your tongue suggestively using your breath play as an extra tool. Try this on yourself

5. Lower back

The lower back is a sexy/vulnerable region of the body that is connected to the pelvis. To arouse this zone begin with a gentle massage, use a feathery paddle, tongue lips or vibrator as the case may be.

6. Palm/fingertips

The fingertip has lots of heightened sensory organ. Place your palm under your partners and tickle with your index finger. Maintain eye contact and suck their fingers, filling your mouth in one at a time.

7. Bottom of your toes

Other than being ticklish, the bottom of your toe is a very sexual zone. This is not new to persons with a foot fetish. To stimulate this zone massage the toe, lick or suck at will to get the excitement needed.

8. Nape of the neck

I’m the only girl who would melt when kissed on her neck. You can stimulate this zone in so many ways. You can start with blowing air on the nape of the neck, light kisses, run your fingertips around the neck and watch how turned you may become.

9. Behind the knees

Did you ever think of that? Stimulate with feathers slowly just like the inner wrist ,use temperature play and work your way down to the toe for more action.

10. Inner thighs

This heightens sexual pleasure for most ladies. Have her close your thighs and using a sex toy let her feel the vibrations inside of it. Kiss, caress or use light feathers without touching the clitoris.

Treat your body as you would a lover. Be mindful when you touch yourself and you would discover new areas on your body and new things you never knew your body was capable of doing. How many erogenous zones on your body do you know of?

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