It’s my birthday, I just clocked the big 25 and I feel pretty excited at the same time I don’t know how to feel. My birthday presents had been arriving for days now and yesterday I received the one I had been waiting for. But the instruction read: DO NOT OPEN UNTIL YOU CLOCK THE BIG 25. XO.

I wonder the extra spice he had in store for me after making my bank account wet and overflowing. My boyfriend definitely knew how to make a girl blush. But, it’s the big 25 already and I cannot wait.

I’m lying in bed looking at my birthday present and smiling with uncertainty. It’s the big 25 and I can finally unbox it. The packaging is simple but has a mystery around it with nothing written on it. It looks so beautiful and soft, but the vibrations when I turn it on are enough to drive me nuts.

The instruction on the package reads CALL ME WHEN YOU ARE READY. I don’t waste time.


“Lie on your back and think of what you would want me to do to you. Breathe slowly”

My breathing is slow and focused on his voice as I do what he asks of me. I picture him in the room rubbing his hand over my clit, flicking his tongue over and eating it. Gently, I feel a subtle stroke over my clitoris, a teaser daring me with each stroke, the intensity increasing per touch.

“Breathe baby”

I’m trying to breathe but the love toy that has taken control of my body is enough to make me lose focus of my breath and focus on the voice of a man who is miles away from me and whose voice I’m trying to connect to this love toy inside of me.

“Sssh baby, breathe. Right now that is Tobi playing with you. Obey my orders and listen to me. I want you to touch your breasts and play with your nipples with my hand.

“My hands circle my nipples and I feel myself blow out of proportion. The intensity of the vibrations on my nipple following his instructions is becoming unbearable. Before I get lost, he orders me to put the vibration at its lowest. Slowly, it trails in minuscule motions to my belly button, lingers back to my nipple and ends with a subtle caress at the nape of my neck.

“I want to be in you but with your thighs closed” Tobi finds his way back to my clitoris and kisses her with a slow vibe. He runs the love toy from my closed knee region to the middle of my closed thighs dancing with his make believe penis at the entrance of my vagina. He makes his way with increased vibrations forcing my legs to spread apart and then he fucks my thigh increasing his vibrations mid-point till I can barely speak. He doesn’t want me cumming, not yet.

“Take little Tobi in your mouth and suck him before you put him in”

I do as I’m commanded my body fully ready for the next round. Even though we are miles apart, Tobi always knew how to make love to my body with my sex toy and a skype call.

“Now, let’s make you cum”

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