Continued from: My encounter with Zeus PT1.

I could not concentrate all day, and my mind wasn’t at work. I keep thinking of last night. I’m not sure if it was a dream or it really happened. But my vagina still feels sore. Did I really have sex with Zeus?

After closing hours I rushed back to the house. I needed to understand what happened to me. I remembered he said I summoned him. But how? My mind wandered with questions, but in other to solve this mystery, I would have to repeat the pattern of activates I did last night before I slept off.

I picked up the novel and start to read it again. It all begins to make sense now. Zeus and Leda, it all seemed possible now. I decide to help myself with the remaining whiskey from last night as I read. As I downed the first shot, it hit me hard. I could feel the whiskey burn as it went slowly down my throat. My eyesight began to  dim and my head felt like it was spinning. I shook off the effect of the drink, picked up my book and continued reading.

Suddenly there was a black out, but when I open my eyes I could not reorganize where I was. It felt like a large hall and I was standing at the middle. I spread out my hands to feel the walls but I felt nothing. I wrapped my hands around my body to shield me from the unknown. But I realized, just like the night before now I was naked.

I felt a presence with me, just like the last night. But this time I was not afraid so I spoke first.

“Zeus” I called out

“Zoey” he answered, with his voice that could calm any troubled soul.

“Where am I?”

“I summoned you? Lie down” he ordered.

I did as I was told. I lay down flat, with my back to the floor. Then I felt myself sinking into the ground. It felt like I was sinking into water. But I felt strangely calm. I wasn’t even scared of drowning. But something wasn’t right, I was able to breath. I was in water yet I could breathe perfectly and the water wasn’t entering my nostrils. I felt free. I wanted to swim but someone pulled me back. It was Zeus. I recognized the way his hands felt on my body.

I turned back and we kissed. This kiss was soft and sweet. His lips felt beautiful and perfect against my lips. His tongue skillfully search and massaged my tongue. I felt like I was in paradise and my body behaved freely like it had a mind of its own.

I knew I was wet, but this time I wanted to take it slow. So I pulled away from Zeus kisses and went down to his cock. I grabbed it and without thinking I shoved it into my mouth. It was the best cock I have ever tasted. It tasted good, clean, and sweet at the same time. Like someone poured fresh cream with vanilla flavor all over it. I knew I wasn’t letting go of this dick anytime soon. I sucked like my life depended on it. Creating the tightest suction with my cheeks as I sucked. I wanted to give Zeus my best fellatio ever, not leaving out his balls, as well as deep throating his massive dick. As I increased the pace at which I thrust his dick in and out of my mouth Zeus pulled away. He went down on me. It was the best cunnilingus I have ever received. His tongue lapped my vulva and also tickled my clitoris. From his tongue millions of warm pleasant sensation traveled my body. I could feel my juice pouring out from my body but I didn’t care. I moaned and pulled at his soft hairs. His hairs were silky and soft, I felt I would pull them out if I pulled harder.

There was no need for anymore formalities. I wanted him and I was sure he felt the same. He came up to me and kissed me. Not just my lips this time, but also my neck and my cleavage till he found his way to my nipple.

“Yes” I yelled, I could feel my orgasm build up. In no time I would explode.

“Come in me now” I begged. “Don’t waste any more time, come in me now” I pleaded.

Zeus lifted my leg to his waist and like a flash I felt his cock slide in me. It wasn’t as painful as last night and I could not explain why. Suddenly I felt my back hit something hard. It was a wall, we were out of the water. And Zeus pounded me. Hard and rapidly he pounded me.

I was breathless and panting yet I didn’t want him to stop. He turned me around. My hands on the wall and my back towards him, he penetrated. This time he used his finger to flick at my clitoris while he pounded and used his other hand to tease my nipple while sucking my nape.

This is what sex with the gods felt like. So many sensations, so many stimulus all at once you can’t even focus. My body was out of control, my legs were weak. I felt like I was going to piss on my body.

“Don’t stop” I pleaded

“Stay with me” he replied

“But you are only a fantasy” I answered back.

It was too late before I realized what I had done. And like a flash, my body exploded into trillion tinny bits, travelling the galaxy. I had reached my orgasm, but Zeus had evicted me out of Olympus.

I opened my eyes and found myself sitting in the same chair I was, with the novel in my hand. I was sweating profusely, I don’t know if it was because of the heat, or from what I just experienced. But one thing was certain, I should never have referred to Zeus as a fantasy.





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