ants on me


continued from  BDSM ants on my body pt 1.

The way Dami ate up my pussy was amazing, I was almost begging him not to stop. Instead I kept mute. The ants were still all over my body, it was difficult trying to focus my brain on the ants that were crawling all over my body, and the amazing cunnilingus I was receiving.

I shut my eyes tight and focus on my breathing. Dami was eating my pussy and controlling my mind in ways I have never felt before. The urge to free my hands from the cuffs that held them bound, and grab him was so intense. It was a struggle for me to resist.

My breast felt swollen from the activities of the ants on my nipples, I felt myself going pale. I was feeling pleasure and agony together. I desperately wanted to free my legs from their shackles. I had been struggling with the restrains on my legs ever since Dami started eating me up. But now I was burning up. My brain felt like it couldn’t take it anymore.

Dami on the other hand looked like he was having a time of his life. It was as if I wasn’t even there and it was just my pussy. I didn’t know when the words “please stop” escaped from my mouth. Dami looked up at me and smiled. I didn’t even realize I had been crying. I felt so weak. It was as if I was going to pass out.

Then he came up to me and kissed me. He kissed me so passionately that even though I felt so weak, I couldn’t resist the urge to kiss him back.  I kissed him back and I also wanted to wrap my hands around him but I couldn’t.

Next he went to my breast and brushed off the ants that had been playing there. My breast felt very tender and very sensitive. When he placed his lips on them, his cold lips sent jolts of electricity through my entire body. I wimped, I moaned. The pleasures were good, but the headaches that came with them were draining me of energy, quicker than I could imagine.

For some reason I was still wet, my vulva was still dripping. Even though my pussy felt cold from the absence of Dami’s lip, I was still dripping. My nipples soon got accustomed to Dami’s lips on them. I wanted him on me. I needed him on me. My eyesight were getting dim. But I was still horny. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to fuck me so hard until I pass out.

Everything felt so good, yet my head was spinning and badly aching. I was as if I had been drugged. I was moaning and wimping loud. I wanted him to stop, but I also wanted him to continue.  And as if he had been struck by a strange force he stopped immediately. I was taken aback. He was enjoying himself so much, I thought he would never stop. But he stopped.

I wanted to ask what happened, but I could find my voice. I wanted to beg him to continue. So much blood had filled up the veins of my vulva, it was extremely sensitive, and it made me extremely horny. I needed him to finish what he started, but instead he started releasing the cuffs that held me bound.

I didn’t understand what was happening, but I felt like I was going to die if Dami didn’t fuck me. Next, Dami tossed my clothes at me while I still lay on the bed.

“Get up and get dressed” he ordered and left the room.

I was shocked and confused. I got out of the bed, and dusted away the ants that were still on my body. Then I fell back on the bed, I was completely drained of energy. I was hungry and thirsty, my head was spinning with a terrible headache. I should have had something when he offered earlier.

I struggled to get dressed. My arm and legs were hurting. I needed a pain relieve immediately, but I still wanted Dami to finish what he started. I was looking for an explanation all around the room. I kept asking myself if I did something wrong.

By the time I reached the sitting room where Dami was, I saw him sipping a glass of what I presumed to be whiskey. As I approached him, he looked up to me as said with a straight face, “You can leave, and Uber is waiting for you outside.”

I wanted to faint. I felt so humiliated. I couldn’t fathom what was happening. I wanted to scream, shout and fight him. But instead I picked up what was left of my dignity and headed for the Uber.

Throughout the journey in the Uber, I kept blaming myself for wishing he’d stop, when the truth was that I didn’t want him to. Then my cellphone rang, it was a message from Dami. It said, “Today was fun, we should do this again soon.” I smiled, I was relived.

I guess the humiliation and everything I felt was all part of the act, that’s why it’s called BONDAGE and DISCPLINE, DOMINANCE and SUBMISSION, SADISM and MASOCHISM.


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