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Dear Mahogany, how do I protect my nude pictures?

My boyfriend and I recently broke up. The break up was clean without drama, we both agreed that the relationship wasn’t working, and we should just be friends. But my issue today is, during the course of our relationship, we were very freaky and intimate. I would send him so many nude pictures with my face showing, and when we had sex, he would make a video. It wasn’t a problem then, but now we have broken up.

How do I ask him to get rid of those pictures and videos without starting a drama? He has never threatened to leak my pictures or the videos, but now that we are apart, I don’t feel comfortable that he still has them. How do I make him get rid of the videos and photos without causing problems, or even pushing him to decide to leak the videos and photos?

I am asking for advice because I know my ex-boyfriend, normally will never delete those items, and I don’t feel safe that he still has them. I know I have to be firm if I want him to delete those items. Please how do I go about this without escalating issues?

Jessica 23.

Dear Jessica,

Thanks for reaching out. You will have to build up courage and have a conversation with your ex-boyfriend. During your conversation, try not be confrontational, but get him to see reasons why he should not have those pictures and videos of you.

There really isn’t two ways to go about this, you just have to talk to him. But I will also advice that you get a backup plan, just in case he begins to threaten to leak those items. I suggest you report to the police if this gets ugly.



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