One of our greatest fears as ladies is, ending up with Fuckboys.We appreciate the honesty, and would prefer that you go straight to the point, and tell us politely that you just want to smash. Rather than the pretense of luring us into relationships, only for us to get dumped as soon as you get the cookie.We hate to feel used, plus it’s a complete waste of time and energy. We will most likely make the mistake, of taking out our revenge on the next guy that comes our way.But what do you do, when you leave a fuckboy for another? Scary isn’t it? It’s like jumping from fry pan into fire.Most times, we see the signs, because there are always signs. But we choose to ignore them. We feel we are in-love, and we assume that he would be different, or that we can change him. LolOur brain, keeps telling us the truth, but we think with our hearts. A woman in-love is one of the hardest people to advice. You can as well just keep your advice to yourself.So we enjoy the sweet talk, and the sex is obviously great. Probably we even get multiple orgasm, and we feel like we are in cloud 9.But then after months of mind blowing orgasmic sex, he stops picking your calls, he stops replying your texts and even avoids dates.Truth is that, you know what’s happening, but you are too weak to admit that you’ve been played. He was obviously using the same tactics as your ex. Maybe not exactly the same, but you have to admit there were 90% similarities

The warning signs were up, but you chose to ignore.

Brace up girlfriend!!! Now you know better. Say NO to fuckboys. Except you mutually agree to go into a friend with benefit relationship.

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