Food they say is the key to a man’s heart, but what is the key to a man’s bed? I would say the perfect lingerie would definitely make you end up in your man’s bed. But how do you use your lingerie to your advantage and seduce your man to bed?LINGERIEFirst you need to understand that not all under wears are lingerie. They are typically flattering or racy garments that are worn either under the clothes or as a prelude to sex. They are usually associated with garments which enhances and flatter the female figure, making the wearer more attractive or sexually appealing.

Most time, it’s not enough to just slip on something  seductive. At time you might have to go an extra mile.

First I will share some; Basic Tips to Picking the Perfect Lingerie:LINGERIE

  • Color: When choosing your lingerie, it is best to consider the colors you would go for. You should consider going for something that would complement your skin color, a color that is flattery, and you can also choose a color your partner actually likes. Black and red are an all-time favorite. Also if you are going for a bra or bralette with panties or thongs, make sure they are of the same color always.
  • Fitness: It would be a shame if after all the effort you put in getting your lingerie, it doesn’t fit right or it doesn’t complement your body figure like it should.
  • Comfort: The perfect lingerie must be comfortable for you to do whatever it is that you have in mind.

How to Seduce In Your Lingerie:LINGERIE

  • Cook and eat dinner with him in your lingerie: Have a date with your man wearing your sexy outfit, cook his favorite meal, and have a romantic dinner with him.
  • Give him a show: Some you might have to put on a show, like giving him a lap dance, pour a bottle of wine all over yourself while in that sexy wear. Trust me it will make a huge effect.
  • Give him a blowjob in it: Make sure you make the best use of your outfit, give him a timeless blowjob in it, make him moan your name like he has never done before. Make big memories in your lingerie.
  • Rock your sexy wear with socking and heels: Make sure you rock your seductive wear with the perfect socks and the right shoes, which will be your high heels of course.
  • Welcome him home in your sexy outfit: Greet your man with a bit of surprise as he walks in through the door. Greet him with all the sexiness you’ve got.

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