How do I get her turned on? How do I put him in the mood? Try foreplay

Foreplay is a term used to describe all the tantalizing, sensual activities you engage in with a partner before sex. Foreplay is a stimulating factor that arouses your senses and organs to put you in the mood for penetrative sex. Foreplay is awesome and is a natural aphrodisiac to get your mind wired and ready for other sexual activities.

Just like when you go to the gym for workouts, you don’t start by lifting heavy weights. A little warm up is required. Think of foreplay as the cardio that keeps the blood pumped and ready for the main action.

There are lots of creative things to do in bed with your partner that has absolutely nothing to do with penetration and more than just kissing and making out. Foreplay can be exciting because of what comes after the endless tease. But focusing too much on what comes after the foreplay can really ruin a good make out session. So, go with the flow and immerse yourself into the experience. I bet you, the sex would be hotter and more intimate.

If you want that, check out these 10 steamy foreplay ideas for the hottest sex ever.

Get the scene ready for sex

This is very important if you are sticking to the bedroom. Clean and organize the bedroom space. Dim your lights, lay the bed with fresh sheets, light up a scented candle (she won’t say no) , play some music; something erotic or a love song and relax. A bottle of red wine can get the both of you physically aroused for some exciting play.



This tip always works if you know how to do it. You don’t have to be a Cardi B to excite his senses. Take off your clothes slowly and maintain eye contact while at it. It’s hotter when you have more clothes on your body to take off. If you are wearing a knee length stockings, run your hands from your calves to your laps in a carefree but erotic manner while holding his gaze and take it off. Cup your breasts while taking off your bra or before you unbutton your shirt. It’s always a hot tease to set the stage for other fun play.

Send a sexy text

Communication is the key to great sex. So send a naughty text to your partner to arouse their senses. It can be short, direct or explicit, but I always vote for direct and explicit. “I am lying on your side of the bed in nothing but your Hanes polo and thinking of recreating all the things we did last night”. You can send a naughty photo of you in the polo to accompany the text. Now you have definitely aroused all of his senses.

Kiss without touching

Kissing is one of the most intimate acts of lovemaking  and is one of the oldest forms of sensual foreplay for women. It can arouse all of your senses and is the perfect foreplay idea to get the play more intense. Try the kissing without touching; use your lips and tongue to communicate the intensity of your passion. I bet that by the time you are done, being with your partner would feel new and exciting again.

Mix it up with toys

You can never go wrong with toys. A good vibrator would take a woman’s vibrations from 0 to infinity.  Play around your partner’s hot spots with a vibrator. The intense vibrations from the toy will increase her arousal and I bet watching her would even put you in the right mood. You can masturbate with a vibrator and have your partner watch.

Awaken your sensations

Sensation play is an exciting foreplay idea to try with your partner. Blindfold your partner (with their consent of course) to heighten their other body senses. Then use your lips, tongue, teeth , feather  or toys on different parts of their body. Kiss their earlobes and tickle underneath their feet, lick their nipples and use a toy close to their thighs. You can have them guess what item you are using on their body before you begin.


Read erotica or porn together

Build sexual anticipation with erotica or porn.  Read or listen to an erotica you both love together or watch a porn video. This will give you the opportunity to talk about your fantasies, fetishes, red zones and what you would like to try.

Who knows? You may be trying something new together after the foreplay. Read the hottest erotica stories here

Give an erotic massage

Sensual foreplay is all about awakening the senses through passionate touch. It does not even have to involve the genitalia.  Treat your partner to a sensual massage to get them to relax. You can spice it further by adding sensations with your mouth. Kiss him on his neck followed by soft air from your mouth and so on. Please only try this if the oil used is edible, organic and body safe. We recommend the Skindeep edible massage oil to begin.

Be his muse

Spontaneity is a sensual spice and in your relationships you need it to keep the spark ablaze. Instead of wearing your hot lingerie, surprise your partner with a gift card to a sex store. Ask them to pick whatever they want you to wear or choose a kit for any sex play they want you both to. This should be consensual and be what you have both agreed to




When you are sitting out with your partner, lean closer to them and say something naughty. It may be a compliment or you just saying “I love you”. The tease here is keeping your voice low and sensual. This is enough to get their attention, nipple on their ear lobes with your teeth, flick their ears with your tongue and trail their arm with your fingers. This will get their attention and get them running to you.

Try any of these steamy foreplay ideas for a hot sexperience.

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