understanding the plus size


Who determines what a perfect size is? According health expert, the only threat to health is Obesity and Anorexia, everything in between is healthy. So when the term plus size start to trend? When did #bodypositive start to trend all over our social media?

understanding the plus size

Back in history, in some parts of Africa, a woman was considered unfit or unhealthy if she wasn’t thick with curvy. In some parts of Nigeria, Calabar for example, a woman would have to go to Fatten Room in preparation for marriage. Here in this Fatten Room, she would be treated to different delicacies of food, all to make her fat and thick before the marriage ceremonies. Extra effort was placed if she was considered skinny.

African men naturally loved their women thick and curvy, to them, it was a symbol of sexual development. Mother in-laws would prefer that their son married a thick and curvy lady, because, it was a sign that their body could produce children.

In the western world, being thick wasn’t really their culture, and they preferred to watch their weight and stay slim or skinny mainly because their bodies were easily prone to obesity. Yet they are very careful not to become anorexic. So they developed what was seemed to be the perfect size. The Size 8 or hour glass. This is a size where a woman has a full bust, small waist and wide hips, with flat tummy of course.

understanding the plus size

The western culture introduced the size 8 all over the world, claiming it as the perfect and healthy size or shape. Soon being naturally curvy or thick became a menace. People who were nowhere near a size 8 were picked on and bullied, they became a symbol of obesity.  They were even termed ugly.

Amazingly, Africa, with her diverse cultural background, and whom claims to be protective of her culture and beliefs, gave in to the intimidation of the western culture, and forgot that the plus size was once her symbol of beauty and richness.

Ladies, there is nothing, and I repeat nothing wrong with being a plus size. Even the term Obesity an all its risk is more common in the western world. Being curvy or thick is beautiful. Your curves are perfect, your thickness is rich. You don’t owe anybody a figure 8. If you are trying to achieve a figure 8, you should do so, because that’s what you really want, not because you have been bullied to thinking that’s what’s healthy.

understanding the plus sizeYes Obesity is real and we should be mindful of our health and what we consume, but also, being big, bold and beautiful is great. It’s ridiculous how men wants their women to have great ass and full boobs and they want a flat tummy. Hey, where to think all the food that will make the great ass and full boobs will come from? Especially after having a child or two.


Women you have to appreciate yourself, don’t be bullied into hating yourself. If anybody call you fat, call them skinny. If they call you obese, call them anorexic. It’s a tit for tat.

Love yourself, love your skin, and love your curves.



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