Continued from: Mask off pt1

My brain said I needed to get away from this Mystery man with the Phantom of the Opera vintage half face mask. Yet my body wanted to stay and enjoy the suspense. My mystery man approached my neck with soft kisses and I quivered. My mind wondered to a world of fantasy, but my body was responding in delight to the kisses from this man.

I could feel blood rushing fast to all the sensitive parts of my body, I could feel as my nipples rose and harden, I could feel as blood surged down to my clitoris filling it up and making it become sensitive.

I couldn’t hold on for too long, so I started kissing my mystery man back. I allowed myself relish at the feel of his soft lips, and when I took his tongue, it was sweet like the champagne we just had at the party. Kissing my mystery man was sweeter than I imagined and I wanted to drown in those kisses so I let loose.

I didn’t know what came over me, but suddenly I was on top of him. Kissing and swaying my body to the rhythm of the pleasures I was feeling. He held me by my waist, and it was as if he had given me total control. Slowly I started to unbutton his shirt. I took my time, releasing the buttons one after the other. I was enjoying every minute of the moment, and nothing could stand as a distraction.

As I was taking my time to undress my mask mystery man, I was grinding his groins, which was still inside his trouser, but I could feel his bulge and that made me excited. I knew my man was well endowed, and stimulus that was coming from my pleasure zone was taking over my senses.

I began to hastily undress my man. As I got to his trouser, and I just wanted to snatch the belt away. I took of his trouser and then his boxers, and then I brought out the reason for my excitement. When I saw his already erected 6 inches, full, black African cock, I bit down at my lip. I could only imagine what his cock would taste like in my mouth. I imagined mystery man’s cock would fill up my small mouth, and it would probably choke me.

My heart was racing, but I took in courage and shoved the black cock into my small mouth. I was right, it filled up my mouth. But that wasn’t a problem, I just wanted to suck it. I wanted to suck it and suck life out of it. So I squeezed my cheeks around it, drawing it further down my throat. I created a tight suction around it, and at the same time rubbing my tongue at the base of hard cock.

I could hear him moan, in fact he was groaning. The more he groaned, the more I was aroused. My pussy was already dripping wet and I could feel my pant was soaked. But I wasn’t ready to let go of this cock, I wanted to taste his cum. So I continued sucking tighter and faster, all at a steady pace, at the same time massaging his balls with my warm hands.

My mystery man sat up, and slipped his hands into my dress to massage my breast. I on the other hand, brought my hands away from his ball and took them to my clit. As I sucked his dick, I massaged my clit. So the pleasure was mutual. I could feel my head swell up with pleasure but I didn’t want to get so carried away or else I might cum. So instead, I made sure my fingers were soaked with every bit of cum I could gather, and I brought my hand to his mouth. I made him have a taste of me, and much to my desire he responded well. Sucking at my fingers like his life depended on it.

Soon a wave of pleasure swept through my Mystery man and he had his first orgasm, while his 6 inches African cock was still buried in my mouth. He released jolts of hot cum down my throat and it was the most satisfying and fulfilling experience ever. He gave a loud groan as he released, and I knew it was time he was in me. So I pulled away and slowly slipped off my pant, tossed it somewhere in the car, then I mounted my man.

He was surprised I wanted to go immediately. So I started to kiss him. I kissed his lips at the same time massaging his nipples, then I shifted to his ear and allowed my tongue play there for a while, before travelling down to his neck. I could barely hear him moan, because I was also moaning. I was enjoying myself yet I was impatient. I needed his cock to rise immediately, I wanted to feel him inside of me at once. Next I moved to his nipples and started sucking again. Already my cheeks were hurting from the previous sucking ordeal, but I needed to remain objective.

I concentrated on sucking, and giving my mystery man pleasure, so once I felt his cock rise, I wasted no time in sliding it inside me. It’s been a while I had a good dick instead of me. My pussy was quite tight, and it hurt a bit, but a little pain wasn’t going to stop me. Finally, all 6 inches was safely inside of me and I could feel my vaginal wall tug at this dick.

So much was happening to me at the same time that I started to breathe heavily with my mouth. When I was able to pull myself together, I started to grind, slowly at first, but by the time I got very comfortable, I was riding the cock like a cowgirl on her stallion. My man’s cock felt so good, it had me panting and moaning at the same time. The way I rode, I could see that beneath his mask that mystery man was surprised. I had taking charge, and it felt good to be on top. Soon my release came, and my body shut down. Mystery man and I were both exhausted and didn’t know when we dozed off. I was later brought back to consciousness by voices some distance away from the car.

Although I was still very tired, I could tell it was Chika’s voice with some other voices I couldn’t make out. So I listened to what she was saying, and I heard her complain to someone that she hasn’t seen me and George all through the mask party. I was shocked, but somehow I hoped my mystery man was George. He was still asleep, so I carefully removed his mask, and I was right. It was George.

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