a naughty weekend

Christmas, the best time of the year. What I love most about this holiday is the change of ambience, the air, the weather and even the people. I stay in Lagos, the biggest and craziest city in Africa. Even though the city never sleeps at Christmas, everyone is forced to take a chill pill and relax for some days.

It’s Christmas eve and I’m driving down with Bode: my recent sex buddy to a service apartment on the Island for the weekend with our friends. It was one of those weekends planned with fun activities like Bode described and of course lots of sex. I feel the goose pimples from the thought of his palm on my neck choking me, his other hand sliding my pants aside and penetrating me this morning before we left the house. Damn man.

“You okay babe?” Bode’s deep guttural voice (one of the reasons I loved being daddy’s girl during our BDSM sessions) brings me out of my naughty thoughts

“Never could be better” I reply with a smirk, sliding my hands to the bulge on his trousers to feel his penis that was already rising in my palm.

This weekend was going to be fun

We are the last couples to arrive as usual and we are welcomed by the other four couples: Segun and Rhoda, Amara and Jay, Ib and Azeezat  and Chris and his new girl who is in the rest room.

“Welcome love birds or should I say fuck birds”. I and Bode’s relationship was no secret to anyone. We had been friends for two years now and just that.  Honestly, I wasn’t ready for any relationship or anything like that with Bode. He understood that and it was fine.

“Whatever you call us, where’s our room. Let’s see how comfy it is” I respond to Amara with a slight wink.

We make our way to the bedroom as described by Amara and Jay. The warm ambience draws me in, the cream color and minimalist design makes it look warm and cozy. I am drawn to the nude painting on the wall and as I run my hands over it, I feel his hardness behind me. His warm breath caresses my breath filling me with a warm tingle. He spanks my butt with his palm and I shudder. He teases me with neck kisses and I melt like a puddle.

“Stay still girl”

The dominant role, I love when he plays daddy especially when he catches me unaware, but today I have my own plans. I turn around defiantly to face him, stopping him in his tracks. Not taking my eyes off him, I allow the hands of my dress fall and step out of them to stand in front of him completely naked. (I never wear undies unless when necessary).

“Take off your clothes and watch me play with myself” I command, a reminder that our roles just switched.

 I reach for the last love toy we both shopped for: a luxurious looking g-spot wand. Bode is sitting across in a love cushion watching me with want in his eyes. I spread a towel on the bed surface before getting settled in.  

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“Do you want to apply the lube?” I ask innocently and before I can finish he is next to me. He begins with applying the water based lube on my clitoris; he rubs his palm up and down on my clit expertly holding my gaze as he does. Next, he applies the lubes inside my vagina and hands me the toy to insert. The vibrations are intense but the noise level isn’t something to give us away. I can feel my g-spot coming alive at the same time I feel a wet gel on my clitoris. Oh shit, Bode was applying the clit sensitizer to awaken my clit.

“I think my work here is done baby” he smirks as he sits back to watch me writhe with pleasure.

My sensitive feels extra alive, like a permanent vibrator was placed on it rumbling in low tones. I flick my clitoral hood aside to rub my clitoris at the same time the vibrator is whirring inside of me.

“Turn it up baby, increase the vibrations”

I pause for a while to control my orgasm, before I increase the vibrations as Bode had suggested. At this point I want to run my friends through Bode’s hair, deep my fingers into his skin and give him some love bites. But I dig my fingers in and grab the sheets while my moans become silent screams.

My body shakes as I feel the hot body racking orgasms from my vagina and clitoris at the same time leave my body accompanied by a clear liquid gushing out of my vagina. I had never blended my orgasms without a toy on my clitoris. It was certainly a feat for me.

“15 minutes and 7 seconds. You are getting better at your orgasm control” Bode said as he walks towards me. He had wanked to me masturbating, the sex was going to be lit.  

“We had better go shower and join the others” I counter making my hair to the bathroom

“Of course, or we can keep them waiting” Bode replies with a wide grin.

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Lara is an erotic writer and modern day sex and relationship educator. Sensual, multifaceted and a reincarnated soul is how she describes herself. When she is not relieving her imaginations or taking vain selfies, she is on Instagram at Larasensations teaching how to own your pleasure.

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