Reunion with Cream and Ron

It started with a surprise visit and a quick trip to the mall for booze and chocolate. I’d not seen both of them in years, and it was so good to see them now all grown and buff. Cream, Ron and I had been friends way back in school for a few years but they graduated one year before me and I never saw them again for two (2) long years. This wasn’t our first threesome so you can understand how excited I was. Slutty me.

Cream made the first move. Gently stroking my boobs and pinching my hardening nipples softly through my shirt. I was wearing nothing underneath.  Or maybe I made the first move when I put my head on Ron’s lap.

While Cream played with my boobs and I moan and writhe with pleasure, we talked about old times and tried to catch up with the new stuff happening in each other’s lives. How silly! I stopped talking when Cream moved from my boobs to my already wet pussy. Yes, I’m a naughty girl. Always so wet and ready.

He slipped one finger in wet cunt and flicked my clit gently with his thumb. I closed my eyes and moaned louder in reply.  Ron took that moment to slip his hand under my shirt and over my breasts, taking over from Cream. Reluctantly, Cream let him have both boobs and shifted his attention to my pussy fully.

Slowly, he fucked me with two fingers, moving them this way and that. I opened my eyes to look at him. I wanted to see his face. I liked to see his face just before he eats me out. He always got that lazy grin that seems to say, “I’m about to drive you crazy”. That look alone had me twitching in anticipation.

I arched my back to press my boobs up into Ron’s palms and he responded by squeezing my boobs together. As Cream bent to bite my inner thighs, Ron bent to take both nipples in his mouth at once. I thought I was going to die with pleasure! I was going to get my first orgasm and it wasn’t even noon yet.

I started cumming wildly under Ron’s palms and Cream’s teeth. I put my index finger in between my teeth and I bit down hard on it to catch my moans. Cream moved to kneel between my thighs and lap up my pussy juice with his tongue. I went wanton and completely crazy, lifting up my hips to press my hungry pussy into his face.  He knew what I wanted and he slipped his tongue inside my warmth to fuck me.

I was soaking up the bed and I had been trying to grope Ron through his jeans. He got up to take off his jeans and moved into my view so I could see his hard, fat 6 inches cock. I watched him stroke it for me and I slowly wet my lips to tell him where I want it. He got the message and moved to the edge of the bed where he could fuck my face.  He rubbed his tip roughly across my lips, before shoving his fat cock in my wet, warm mouth.

Down south, Cream moved to part my thighs further and pin them to the bed. He undid his fly quickly and pulled out a condom, so eager to slap his hard length on my throbbing pussy. He slapped his 8inches on my creaming pussy before rolling a condom over it. Without warning, he slammed his full length into me, making me choke on Ron’s dick. Ron pulled out of my mouth to resume stroking his dick in one hand while playing with one boob. I grabbed the other breast in my palm and pushed it up so I could flick my tongue on one hard nipple. This drove both guys into frenzy as I knew it would and they both grunted their appreciation.

Cream slammed in and out of me in full frenzy, desperate for release. I grind my hips against him while I enjoyed watching Ron pulled hard on his cock. I could see the tip glistening with pre-cum. He was barely holding up that load of cum and I knew he would be shooting all over my tits in no time. I moved faster against Cream, ‘cause I could feel my second orgasm coming quickly. It was so damn hot to watch these guys watch me. Ron let go of my breast, so I could grab both and squeeze them together. I could feel Cream grow bigger inside me and I knew he was going to cum any second now. I let my tits and go to pull up my feet into my thighs, offering my boobs to Ron and pushing Cream to go deeper.

“Yes, right there” I moaned, as I squeezed my pussy around Cream’s cock and we all started to cum almost at once.

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