Sex : Bisexuality II

Lol.. Pardon me,pls. In my last blog I got carried away with the thingy I have for girls. I was actually supposed to talk about how bisexual girls manage their relationships. The cute girl who got me thinking has had a tough time coping with a boyfriend and a galfriend. This is majorly because of her deep sense of commitment. For someone like me,I have none. I can't commit to a gal or a boy to save my life. But I'm going to be nice in this blog.

There's this thing called priority,incase u have heard of it. And if haven't,pls ask google. Most girls I know like to be attached to something,sometimes its the wrong thing. A bisexual girl in my country now would place priority on the male partner than the female even if her relationship with him sucks. She would pro'ly just consider the other girl as a fling even if what they have is perfect. That's some kinda priority, I'm not preaching against that. Infact,I think its cool. I think you need to keep your head straight whether its cock or coochie. Find your balance and stick to it. Don't let anybody tell you how to do it. Just try not to mess up three lives while you're at it. :* :*

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