Sex: Bisexuality

Yesterday was a crazy day. I had stories to blog but my mood was rotten. My cheeky friend is even worried that I might have lost the zeal…lol. But I haven't,ok? I'm here now.

A cute girl got me thinking yesterday about girls that are bisexual and how they manage their relationships. Most guys find bisexuality in girls exciting and as a huge turn on. A guy even told me that he's been wishing to have a girl like that and even if he never gets to meet her girlfriend,he's content with just thinking of them(the two girls) and what they do to each other,while he fucks her. I know a lot of people that opt for lesbian porn any day. Some straight girls even touch themselves to the idea of it.

I have a huge thing for girls myself. There's something about girls that's so very sexual and inviting. Its a whole lot different from the sexiness that guys exude. Its sexiness with softness and helplessness that comes with femininity. Like u think of her as a soft,fragile and yielding flower and you just one to explore that. Naturally,as a voyeur,I'm content with just watching another guy devour these girls cos I have a bigger thing for Lions too. Its why I use that word "devour". Bi or not,I like girls..a whole lot. But I love a lion in my bed more.

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