Come, Taste and See!

Yesterday,I dragged a girlfriend of mine out of a class to a bar at half past two.. We hadn't seen each other in like forever(2weeks actually) so we had a lot to talk about and I couldn't wait 45mins.

For the first hour we spent at the bar,I was doing all the talking. Considering that I've been on vac for over a month,I had a lot to talk about and I didn't need the alcohol to spill my guts. But my friend did. She kept a tight lid on her mouth till alcohol kicked in and Tada! All the ghost stories poured out!

She had been "doing" it with this older man,who,thank God,didn't have a wife stashed somewhere. The story,however,had nothing to do with his relationship status,but with his age and his errrm prowess between the sheets and all. Apparently, she had anticipated a lackluster fuck on their first time/night and has it turned out she was wrong!

Completely wrong. According to her,the only guy who could hold a torch to him is several years younger and much more agile and well-built for sex. Having that kinda sex with an heavier,older man,blew her top off! In fact,she made "the" offer! She actually offered to let me "taste and see"!

Loves,that was it! I was waiting for that offer! That's all the confirmation I needed! Once you get the taste-and-see offer,trust me,the sex was actually GOOD! Dunno about you guys,but when I get that mind-blowing,toes-curling kinda sex that leaves me flushed and breathless,I start thinking of who to share the dong with.

Its like tasting a new dish and it was so good that you get the feeling that words alone can't explain the feel. So you just wish everyone else could taste for themselves. Or like reading a book and you are so wow'd that you wish everyone in the world could read it too. And well,I'm kinda generous too.

That's the exact feeling I get. The first thought that pops into my head afterwards is,"who to share with?" Like,I can't keep this to myself. It would be mighty selfish of me…lol. If you've not made a girl this generous,you need to get your training gears oiled.. Cause you have a lot of job to do. And as they say, practice makes perfect.

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    I'll save what i have to say till i see you in

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