Sex Criers

Hiya! Busy day ahead today so I have to be quick… This might be the only post today. I woke up this morning to a very peaceful house. I’ve been living with three flat mates for like a year now: Two guys and a gal. I have to say, my house is a boring one. No gossips, no loud parties, no orgies…ever. I’ve been thankful for this peaceful apartment a million times in the past. But this morning, I woke up wishing for more

More… By this I don’t mean any of those three things above, but something… anything. Like, I’d like to wake up to loud Have u ever lived with anyone who can’t stop screaming during sex?

A year ago, I went visiting a friend on one very boring weekend. My friend was living with one of this “sex-criers”. A girl. My friend gave me the gist beforehand so, naturally, I was curious. I stayed up for it in fact…lol. Somewhere around midnight, the said girl’s stereo became louder. I imagined it was time and turned to my friend with a goofy smile on my face. She’d promised to cut off the light in the building incase the stereo thing happens. “Wait for a few minutes “Ode”” I didn’t long as I was going to get some action. “No ish” I replied. Four minutes later(and yes I counted) I couldn’t wait anymore.. I tapped her. She laughingly went to the meter. Just as she pulled the lever eyes popped! the first thing I had was “Yeeeee! Ah ah ah!”. I thought she was being butchered! I sat up and turned to my friend. She laughed and waved the look on my face away. “Relax!” She said in a rushed whisper. She must have said something else but I was tuned to the crier already.. “Ahn uhn uhn mmmm! Yeeeeees!” “Oh oh,o pami o!”* “mmmm,ma yoooo! “** Yes! Yes! Yes!” “Oh oh!!” And then, a pause. I was sure she was dead by then. It must have been a serial killer. There must have been a knife involved somewhere. Then from somewhere in the room I heard hushed voices. My friend signaled me to be quiet. She came over to me and whispered “she just realized the stereo is off” Ah! Really!! After five minutes of “ahs” and “ohs”? Damn! The sex must be awesome! That was my first reaction: envy. I wanted to be the one being humped to death…lol. But then I said, “What! Is it over now?” She nodded yes..I was pained. I wanted more but it was over. I laid down wondering what was going on in that room. Did they just stop like dat? Did he gag her? Is she biting a pillow? I strained my ears for few more minutes and then gave up. I didn’t even see the humor in it till now. It left me horny for days! How could it have been funny? Konji no be funny business na, is it?

Thinking of it now, I imagined how flustered my neighbors would be if I ever became a sex-crier. Some of them would pro’ly never greet me again…lol. Anyways, have a lovely day ahead. Hugs and kisses

*he’s killing me! **dont remove it!

  • A-9ja-Great
    Posted at 11:04h, 24 July Reply

    I heard a sex crier once and i'd humped a few.I'm sure my neighbors think the worse of me.LOL

  • MzblaQ_
    Posted at 11:49h, 24 July Reply

    lol…they must. i'm sure d females wouldnt mind trying out the tool too ;;)

  • A-9ja-Great
    Posted at 09:19h, 27 July Reply

    *lips sealed*

  • ressurecta
    Posted at 13:44h, 11 September Reply

    Hahahahahahaha… Lwkmd!

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