Sorry I’ve not been consistent as before. Its hard to form any sexual thought when your head is pounding incessantly and you’re hot and cold at the same time. Malaria has been dealing with me for almost 30hrs now and no,I’ve not taken any meds for it. Anyway,I’m not here to bore you with tales of my romance with malaria. I wanted to talk about voyeurism(ask Google pls)

Most girls I know wouldn’t dare it. The idea alone irks them. If I ask them if they can have sex with their boyfriends in a room with a few other persons watching or pretending to be asleep or disinterested,they practically shake with disgust. I can’t imagine what reaction any guy whoever dares to ask them would get.

Most guys I know wouldn’t mind. Its sex. They’ll take it anywhere you offer. So long as its safe and they won’t get stabbed in the process,they are always game. Some girls don’t mind thou. I have a galfriend who goes around without panties on. She’s always ready. Some guys even prefer sex when they have an audience(in case you are one,I’d watch if u like,any day).

Somehow I don’t think that’s such a ‎bad idea. But well I’d like to imagine most regular people don’t too. I’ve watched my boyfriend devour another girl before. It didn’t change anything. In fact,It increased my lust for him. Most guys like to have a female audience though. Maybe they hope she’ll join in. Maybe they’ll be uncomfortable with a guy. Either way,its sex with an audience. Its a different kind of fun. You can spice up your relationship with it. Or just try it sometime. Ciao

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